Nobility VP-2 Magnetic Levitation audio rack

Has anyone tried this audio rack or any type of magnetic levitating rack? It looks like a good way to isolate a turntable as the top shelf is suspended in air by opposing force magnets. My only concern is about the magnetic field interfering with the audio components. Anyone have any experience with this type of rack?
As long as the itme on the slef has some built in damping.. otherwise the item will vibrate from airborne vibrations reaching it..
Just because the rack is separated from the item.. the item can still vibraate ON IT'S OWN from the vibrations in the air reaching it.
Just sayin'
I have no idea if tthat sheving in question can in fact dampen airborn vibrations which enter the iten on the shelf?
I never had success with any kind of magnetic levitation on audio equipment. I tried magnetic levitation footers once with VPI Classic and I got tons of static. LP became static very quickly once placed on the platter. It was not listenable after about 30 seconds with all the static noise and when I picked up the LP, I could feel the static built up on the LP easily and it was not there when I first placed it on the turntable. I don't know if other type of magnetic levitation system may address this problem better or not.
I tried the same footer for quite a while placing it under a platform for my amps and the result was not good either. Mid and high is a bit cleaner, clearer but lost a lot of bass impact and weight.
It does seem like a good theory but, the magnetic field surely has negative effects on the equipment it supports. Those would be some pretty strong magnets to levitate at least 40 pounds of turntable. I think I will look for another solution.