Nobility Audio Rack Guizu

Anyone using Nobility Audio Racks. Grant Fidelity has a rack that seem appealing called the VP-2 Magnetic Levitation multi-level Audio Rack for $900.00.

What would you recommend in this price range that is comparable. Trying to stay under $1,000.00 for a really nice rack.

Any comments or recommendation is greatly appreciated.

Their furniture does look very nice. I'd be curious to hear impressions from owners/previous owners too.
This seems to be the problem. Everyone is curious about their systems, but no one knows anything about them. I am interested in the stand as well but I can not find any independent assessment. I have been searching the internet for the last couple of days and can find nothing. I believe in the concept, but am a little reluctant to spend the money until I know what I am buying.

So, like the others, I would love to hear from anyone with experience that can offer indepedent comment.

Hello all, I use the WMP-1mk11 magnetic levitation platform, and it works beautifully. I have my turntable on it and results are great. Once you adjust the leveling you just forget about it. I like it so much I'm contemplating another for my cd player.
anyone have any updates on this platform? wonder if there is a money back if you dont like it