Noah Schumacher and my Marantz amplifiers

Dear All,

I am looking for my amplifiers a pair of Marantz MA9S2, Gold color in good condition. One has a nick on one of the corners and is easily identifiable. One has changed caps so if they're sold as pair they're going to sound different. I'd post pics here if I could...but can't see how.

The Technician Noah Schumacher has stolen them from me and run off. Police are aware, a report has been made, a warrant for his arrest based on significant losses for many many people is the situation. That's right I am certainly not the only one impacted.

In my case if you ever hear from him or about his whereabouts or hear of my amps coming onto the market anywhere, can you let me know. Or Colorado Police know. Please.

Thank you. I and many others will be very grateful.
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Hi Dill
Thanks but I wanted to share pics of my units because of the unique marking that makes them identifiable.