No Wilson Audio, D'Agastino, Lamm, YG at Ny show?

I was a little disappointed that there were no rooms with Wilson or YG Acoustic speakers , D'Agastino Momentum or Lamm amps at the NY Audio Show... Anyone else miss them this year??
I missed them all, but still enjoyed the show.
They were not there but I can't say I missed any of them at all.
I wanted to see MAGICO but both dealers are to cheap to spring for a show.
"I wanted to see MAGICO but both dealers are to cheap to spring for a show."

That's funny that they sell Magico yet are cheap.

I guess it costs money to do business in NYC. Gotta watch that overhead....
From an article on Analog Planet:

"Also problematic is that the dates fall in the middle of Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year, one of the two most holy holidays in the Jewish calendar."

"The industry includes many Jewish retailers and manufacturers who were both surprised and offended by the chosen dates but again The Chester Group says it was the only weekend available to it at the hotel. Some retailers who participated last year will not this year."
I assume both attendance and participation took a hit due to the show overlapping with Rosh HaShanah.
10-02-14: Ebm
I wanted to see MAGICO but both dealers are to cheap to spring for a show.

This is one of the "too cheap" not "to cheap" Magico dealers that did not attend this year's NY show. I assure you that it was not the $$$ that was the reason that Rhapsody did not attend the show. There were several reasons that we did not do the show this year, but "cheap" was not one of them. We are doing RMAF, CES and Munich, which all cost mucho $$$ compared to the Brooklyn show.

If you would like to hear the specific reasons that we did not attend the show, please send me a pm and I will give you all of the reasons, there were many. I do not say negative things about an organization or a person in a public is not nice to do so.

If you are in the NY area and would like to hear Magico speakers why not come in for a listen? That way you can hear Magico's properly set up with your own music, in the sweet spot and listen for as long as you like. This probably would not happen at any show.

Bob - Rhapsody Music and Cinema
Sorry you are a wonderful dealer i did not mean anything bad ,thanks for the invite sorry these reasons precluded you from coming to the show.
Come and hear the S3's with the Absolare electronics....
Avantgarde, Bob

RMAF 2014, well that's great - look forward to meeting you next weekend.

What will you have on demo and what's your room number, going through the exhibitor and products show list comprising who I want to drop in and to see I did not see Rhapsody nor Magico's.

OP: "Anyone else miss them this year??" Answer: "NO!"