No Tape/Processor Loop????

While tape recorders are of little interest for most users these days, the need for a Processor loop is still with us.  If you want to take advantage of an Equalizer, DSP room correction, Phono noise reduction, and of course, a tape recorder, you'll still need a classic tape monitor function.  I was using a DEQx processor, and today I use a Sweet Vinyl SC-1 Mini.

There are many high-end preamps which have dropped this essential function: Nagra HD; Luxman C900, C1000;  VAC Signature SE (some replaced the Monitor with a logo dimmer!!!) and on and on.  The lack of a monitor immediately removes their unit for consideration.

Placing the SC-1 mini in line with the low level phono is compromised on two levels: very low signal, and multiple extra connections when not in use.

Placing a processor between the pre and power amps is unacceptable because the signal out of the preamp may be very low, inhibiting the full range digitial signal processing capability or low-noise performance of the processor.
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I know what you mean.  I've expressed concern about this to designers. 
I've kept my old pre amp plugged into one line in just so that I could access that feature.  I need it for my R2R, CD recorder, dBx 119 compander for compressing movie sound so I can hear dialogue without waking the dead,.tube buffer & 3D, RG1 expander (R.I.P. Roger) and a Loki EQ for low level loudness control, all selectable through a dBx 400 matrix.  Old school remoteless but better than the alternative - nothing.
@fuzztone An exceptional unit, with full functionality, and with good remote capability is the classic Levinson 32.  They got it right 20 yrs ago.
My Revelation II has 2 tape loops with 2 selector switches. I use 'em all.  Made my own plexiglass top.  35 years ago.