No Tape/Processor Loop????

While tape recorders are of little interest for most users these days, the need for a Processor loop is still with us.  If you want to take advantage of an Equalizer, DSP room correction, Phono noise reduction, and of course, a tape recorder, you'll still need a classic tape monitor function.  I was using a DEQx processor, and today I use a Sweet Vinyl SC-1 Mini.

There are many high-end preamps which have dropped this essential function: Nagra HD; Luxman C900, C1000;  VAC Signature SE (some replaced the Monitor with a logo dimmer!!!) and on and on.  The lack of a monitor immediately removes their unit for consideration.

Placing the SC-1 mini in line with the low level phono is compromised on two levels: very low signal, and multiple extra connections when not in use.

Placing a processor between the pre and power amps is unacceptable because the signal out of the preamp may be very low, inhibiting the full range digitial signal processing capability or low-noise performance of the processor.
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Use of a processor may be an optional item and if the processor uses digital processing, it is highly undesirable to drive it with a volume adjusted signal. Hence, you need a processor/tape loop which feeds a line-level signal at all times and can be switched in and out at will.

Why? It is a Active OXO and split at 300 hz. Passive from there up. Yes it uses a processor from there down, Why would the volume control have anything to do with being "undesirable"? 

What is undesirable is to use an EQ, at all!  Unless you want something of very low build quality, in the WHOLE signal path. Bottom to Top...
Add an EQ..

I offer a solution that, addresses probably the biggest contributor to distortion... BAD BASS.. And propper bass management...

No Eq needed, only tone control from the pre...

The system I spoke of, is a just way to use a tape loop also, along
with actual tape monitoring...

I guess love the loop it the topic.... LOL

I know what you mean.  I've expressed concern about this to designers. 
I've kept my old pre amp plugged into one line in just so that I could access that feature.  I need it for my R2R, CD recorder, dBx 119 compander for compressing movie sound so I can hear dialogue without waking the dead,.tube buffer & 3D, RG1 expander (R.I.P. Roger) and a Loki EQ for low level loudness control, all selectable through a dBx 400 matrix.  Old school remoteless but better than the alternative - nothing.
@fuzztone An exceptional unit, with full functionality, and with good remote capability is the classic Levinson 32.  They got it right 20 yrs ago.
My Revelation II has 2 tape loops with 2 selector switches. I use 'em all.  Made my own plexiglass top.  35 years ago.