No Tape/Processor Loop????

While tape recorders are of little interest for most users these days, the need for a Processor loop is still with us.  If you want to take advantage of an Equalizer, DSP room correction, Phono noise reduction, and of course, a tape recorder, you'll still need a classic tape monitor function.  I was using a DEQx processor, and today I use a Sweet Vinyl SC-1 Mini.

There are many high-end preamps which have dropped this essential function: Nagra HD; Luxman C900, C1000;  VAC Signature SE (some replaced the Monitor with a logo dimmer!!!) and on and on.  The lack of a monitor immediately removes their unit for consideration.

Placing the SC-1 mini in line with the low level phono is compromised on two levels: very low signal, and multiple extra connections when not in use.

Placing a processor between the pre and power amps is unacceptable because the signal out of the preamp may be very low, inhibiting the full range digitial signal processing capability or low-noise performance of the processor.
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This lack of a basic feature, is also present in high-end SACD players. A fundamental feature of SACD is multi-channel. Even Esoteric has done this. Could it be most audiophiles are intimidated by the multi-channel setup?  And if you don't care, then set the player for 2 CH and be happy. To think you pay lots more for a high-end player but get lots less is absurd.  I guess I'll be sticking with my Oppo 105D for a long time.
I'm a stereo guy. I'm a Mac guy.
I use an active OXO for the bass 300 hz <
Channel A is split and the subs and OXO are hooked there.
Channel B is for the monitors, they are, split and do active subs, also.

I have a line level out, non switched also.  That's 3 pairs of stereo out.

Nothing in the signal path between my monitors either, they use a passive XO. The cut off are built into the onboard xo, ay...

Best of both worlds...

Why do you need a tape loop? You could also split the pre from the amp if you have a tap, and do it from there too..

I have plans for a ZPre3 in a  tape loop on my C20. It will add all kinds of goodies, sub out volume control, REMOTE control, with volume control...

I like it..

Might be other ways too, someone will chime in.

@oldhvymec your setup is fine. A subwoofer or active crossover is by its’ nature a full time connection which needs to be driven by the volume adjusted signal. Use of a processor may be an optional item and if the processor uses digital processing, it is highly undesirable to drive it with a volume adjusted signal. Hence, you need a processor/tape loop which feeds a line-level signal at all times and can be switched in and out at will.