no synergy

I looked through the forums and didn't find an answer. I bought a Musical Fidelity A5 amp to power my B&W Nautilus 805's and find the highs are lacking. Ditto with the Wilson Witts I was using. I used to have a Pass Labs X250 amp with a Classe DR-5 preamp that was marvelous with the Witts. But the wife didn't like the size, so I downsized and have not been happy since. System now is the Musical Fidelity A5, B&W 805's with a B&W ASW600 sub. Linn LP-12, Jolida JD100 cdp.

I'm hoping someone could suggest another SS integrated amp with MM phono and excellent top end sonics under $2K used. I know the A5 is no Pass/Classe contender. May have to go back to separates.

I thank you in advance.
Can't you get the speakers back and just change the wife?
Pass Labs has a couple of integrateds in their line-up ... I assume they can be ordered with phono or phono added but I do not know for sure. Since you HAD synergy with Pass, that would be the direction I would lean
an anthem 2 channel integrated. an incredible value.
My 805N's sound excellent with an original (ca 1973~1978) Luxman L-507 amp, and with even sweeter highs with my pure class A Luxman 550 (1981~1984). The L-507 costs about US$500, and the 550 about US$1000 here in Japan. For shipping, the 507 weighs 11 kg, and the 550 weighs 21.4 kg. I don't know whether you can hear these first over where you are, though.