No sound in left channel on red LED on in 2ce's

Hi, I have a VTL 2.5 pre, Belles 150A amp, vandersteen 2ce's, one vandersteen sub, VPI scout.

Yesterday, I was listening at a low volume, and I heard a loud pop. Then, a red LED lit up in the left channel 2ce speaker. There is now no sound. I was worried it was the speaker and wired the right speaker to the left channel on the 150A, and the same thing happened (red LED again, no sound, but no pop this time). Both speakers work fine through the right channel. I also disconnected the VTL preamp and subs from the 150A and same thing happens. It appears to be isolated to the left channel of the 150A.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance!!!
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The red light ususally illuminates when the speaker is over driven. In your case you probably have a problem with your amp. Maybe it's outputting DC? You could call Vandersteen to see what activates the light, other than too much power, and then give that information to a technician to troubleshoot your amp.
More likely it's Belles amp needs 'left leg surgery' and that's where I would establish contact since your Vandys are working fine through the right channel. Did you try to swap preamp channels?
sounds like you may have blown a fuse on the left side channel of the power amp?
Thanks everyone!

@Marakanetz - I think it is the Belles... I called Dave Belles, and he said to mail it in. I completely disconnected the preamp channels, and the same thing happened, so it seems to be completely originating out of the left channel on the Belles. Luckily, it is only 3 years old and should be under warranty. The downer is the likely long wait I will have!
Follow up here: Dave repaired my amp though he said he really couldn't find anything seriously wrong... Everything worked fine for 2 weeks then the same thing happened! Unbelievable. I am one unhappy person. It took Dave 2 months to repair it last time!!!! I may have to give up and buy a new amp. Suggestions? I swapped preamp channels, etc. Left speaker works fine in right channel, and right speaker goes out in left channel just like before.
Just a suggestion to get you up and running a little faster. Is there a local authorized service tech near your locale? I own ARC gear and recently blew a bias resister. ARC lined me up with a local tech and the problem was fixed that evening. To be fair, a bias resister sounds like a walk in the park compared to what you've got going on.
I talked to Belles again today, and he didn't know what the problem is. I am buying a 150 v2 as an upgrade, and he is taking my 150A in trade. I hope that fixes the problem. I also talked to Richard Vandersteen today. He also thought it was likely "low level DC" coming into the speaker from the AMP, but couldn't rule out a problem with the speaker as well "burning out the left channel". That seems odd as I have reversed the speakers/pream/etc, and everything is isolated to that left channel. I really hope I am right and it is in the AMP...