no sound hegel. H80

Hi want to link just my hegel. H80 via laptop to play tidal. Set up tonight and getting no sound. Only thing I have is straightwire cable going from laptop to Hegel and speaker cable. I do have an oppo. 105 but this not being effected should not effect being able to use Tidal. Cable goes from USB laptop into USB on cable.

What am I missing. My speaker cable is connected fine my KEF R300.

What am I doing wrong. I understand I need a SPDIF cable to utilize sound from OPPO to Hegel

Thanks in advance for help
"Cable goes from USB laptop into USB on cable."

Just to be clear, you have your PC connected to the digital input on your integrated with the Straight Wire usb cable? I'm assuming that you know the H80 actually works because you've used it before with other sources, and you have the input selector set to the proper input.

You don't say what OS you are using, but whatever it is, you probably need to configure it to output digital via usb. Also, depending on your dac, you may need to install a driver.
You might have to set your computers sound to output the correct sample rate for the Hegel to recognize the data stream. Ie...16,24,44,48, change this setting it should be the fix.
Thought I had responded. Everything sorted in the end and couldn't be more delighted with the sound. Thanks for advise.