No Sound from Tweeter

I just hooked up my recently purchased Matrix 805's and one of the tweeters is silent.

What should I look for first?

I'm going to open the cabinet and make sure they are wired properly. Any other ideas?

I thought that a "blown" tweeter would make a popping sound or some sort of sound. This one is completely silent.

It was probably blown before you bought it, and that's why t was silent when you hooked it up. Betting that might have been why the seller sold these speakers. Your best bet is to buy a new tweeter, hopefully one is available. Btw, you might want to imform the seller about the tweeter, and hopefully he'll reimburse you the cost of a new tweeter (but don't hold your breath about that happening).
Well, first things first. If the 805s are bi-wireable make sure you have the bi-wire cables or jumpers properly installed on the binding post. After that, I would pull the drivers and check to make sure the lead cable did not come off of the tweeter or crossover.

Good luck,

Thanks. So you think it's blown and not just a loose wire?

I've already received $100 from the seller because the cabinets were in very poor condition. The speakers were listed as being in excellent condition.

They seller told me that he "thought" the cabinets may have some minor scratches but that the all of the drivers were working perfectly. The cabinets had dents all over the place!

For the record, I purchased these from CraigsList. I don't beleive that anyone here on Agon would mis-represent an item the way this guy has.

Reubent, I have the 805's bi-wired and I have checked and re-checked all the connections for proper phase.

I took the tweeter out of it's pod and it has some numbers written on it in black magic marker as well as what looks like some olive-drab paint.

Still no sound though.
If it does not make a sound with a 9 volt battery then it is blown. Order a new one if you think it is worth repairing the speakers - however, like origninal car parts - this will probably be a little more expensive than usual ($100 instead of $30).
Is it possible to repair it?

You might be able to find a "recone kit" for $50. Just make sure you clean it out thoroughly (blow with air) - remove any burned debris or dust. And don't forget to add ferrofluid. However for all the effort involved most people just go for an entire new tweeter assembly.
Thanks Shadorne. I think I will just order a new tweeter and chalk the whole thing up to a bad experience and a poor choice.

I guess I'm too trusting of other people, maybe because I'm honest. I would never mis-represent a pair of speakers the way this guy did.

I'm going to mess with the tweeter for a little bit before the call to my dealer. Maybe it's a loose wire?
Return the speakers and get ALL of you money back. They were severely mis-represented by the seller. Why dick around with non-functional, beat-up speakers?

Agree w/RW..get your money back and stop buying off Craigslist..Its a junkyard/bottomfeeder venue.Stay with this forum if buying used..You will pay more but in the long run you save in all respects
Everyone seems to have missed the one basic troubleshooting step. Take the non functioning tweeter and swap it with the functioning tweeter. If the tweeter works it is a bad connection/crossover. Otherwise the tweeter is dead.

I had a B&W 802D - didn't drive them hard at all, but blew 3 tweeters. It is an easy fix, but you have to buy the tweeters...I'd stay away from this sale.
Thanks everyone for the advice.

Bgpowell, I hooked the good tweeter up to both speakers and it plays fine, so at least I know the internal wiring in the cabinets is still functioning properly. The other tweeter appears to be dead. The voice coils on both tweeters are very dark, not bright copper as they are when new.

As for returning the speakers it's not going to happen with this guy. I was lucky to get $100 out of him based on the condition of the cabinets.

If I was you I would be buying "two tweeters". Granted you have one tweeter working well, but for how long? Keep the one tweeter that still functions as a "back-up". Now as far as the "beat-up" cabinets, you might want to inquire with some small cabinet shop, or even with some audio DIY'ers about rebuilding/repairing and refinishing the cabinets. Now this is assuming the once you replace the tweeters, that the speakers sound the way you expect them to.
you might want to replace the other to keep the tweeters similiar,this used to be the procedure but I am unsure if it is still in practice today;maybe a call to the manufacturer for additional advice would help if you think this could be a issue.