No Sound from Thorens TD 145

I just finished a new maple plinth for a TD 145. I had to take the table out of the old plinth and then store it in the closet. This was my first attempt at modifying a stock table or building a plinth but I previously had an audio guy change out the rca cables starting from the the tonearm.
I finally dropped the table into the new plinth, plugged everything into the phono stage and into the amp and I heard a humming noise. I double checked the ground and OK. I looked at the head shell and it looked fine. So after all this and after re-connecting the cables, I then dropped the needle onto a record with the platter spinning and nothing.
I'm guessing that I'll have to take the Thorens back to the audio guy but I'm trying to get some idea as to what might have happened to cause the issue.
My intuition tells me that the cable was accidentally pulled away from its secure connection. For what it's worth, the plinth looks good but I don't need a museum display. Any feedback appreciated, thanks!
Seems like a short somewhere.
Thanks Raymonda. The tech thinks it's a cable, so I'm planning to take it up to him today. I did look around but nothing was apparent that way.