No sound from phono preamp

I just set up a VPI Super Scoutmaster turntable with JMW-9 arm connected with Nordost Heimdall cables to the phono stage. It works great with the phono stage in my preamp, but when I connect the arm to my stand alone phono pre (RCM), there is only hum but no sound. The RCM works like a charm with my other turntable. Any suggestions what that could be and how to address it? Thanks!
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Thanks for the suggestions. I reconnected everything from scratch ... still nothing other than a hum. Took the preamp to my technician who put it on the bench. Something is not working right. Not sure what, but he'll find out and hopefully that will solve the problem. 
Care to share what phono preamp we're talking about?
Balanced/unbalanced setting correct?
Maybe cartridge. Clip connections
But it worked with the existing phono amp. Anyway it's 2 years ago and OP never came back.