No Silver Lace Speaker Cable owners?

Lot's and lot's of comment on the HomeGrown I.C.'s (I bought the Silver Solution and like'm) but absolutely nothing on the speaker cables. Anybody hear them?
Trelja and I have swapped some E-mails, and he mentioned that he was probably going to buy a set of the Silver Lace speakers cables. Have you gotten them yet, Trelja?
Great to hear from you Sdcampbell! Although I would love to give the Silver Lace a try on my speakers, I have yet to. They are not cheap. $635 for an 8 foot pair, I believe. While that is still a bargain when it comes to silver, it doesn't translate into "the deal of the cable world" that the Silver Lace IC does. They are 13 gauge, and it takes something like 320 feet of silver(or more if the gauge of the individual conductors is the same as Silver Lace IC) to make an 8 foot pair. I have heard that a new, cheaper version is in the pipeline. I have inquired about having a copper version made(would like to try them on my subs - currently, I am happy with AudioQuest Midnight), but Kevin said that he could not produce a cable much cheaper than the Kimber 8TC, so it was not a worthwhile project. With my Coincident speakers, I seem to need a very large gauge of speaker wire for the sound to come alive. From Coincident's own cables, they would seem to agree. I have tried another manufacturer's silver speaker cable in the past two months, and was SUPREMELY disappointed. The absolute worst performing wire I have come across(worse than zip cord). Absolutely lifeless. Dead sounding. No dynamics, life, extension. No clarity, no openess. Nothing. The company shall remain nameless, as I have to admit their service was excellent. Who knows, their wire may sound good in another's system. I would very much like to bring the magic that I have found in silver to my speaker wire. You never know, one day it just may be Silver Lace. One thing I would like to see are silver terminations on this cable. Doesn't make much sense to me to use all silver wire and silver solder with brass or copper terminations. But then, that's just me...