No room for my REL Storm II


No room for my REL Storm II. I have enjoyed it for a long time, but now I am considering Velodyne SPL or HGS 10. The room is about 14X22X13tall. It opens into the rest of the house too.
The system is 50% music/50% HT. I do enjoy RELs low bass. How do you think the Velodynes compare (in SPL and in low frequency...)? I do not have dealer near me.
Any thoughts?

i use the velodyne dd-15 in a 18x26 x 8 room for ht and music and its super for low frequency and deep bass -i prefer it to the rel in my system--would recommend you consider the dd series---takes up little room and lots of flexibility--enjoy
I've owned the Velodyne SPL-1000 & the REL Storm III... and in my experience, the REL beat out the Velodyne by a wide margin, with physical size being the only exception. Unless you are willing to make a significant sacrifice in sound quality for a smaller enclosure, investigate options other than the Velodyne SPL series.
I had a storm3 in my system for about a year and never thought much about its performance,I would try other avenues