No Return Address??

I was at work today when a fellow Letter Carrier presented me with an envelope which resembled a greeting card. What was odd about this particular one was it had a non-existant physical address. Although, most of the time we can deliver the mail by last name, this one was unfamiliar to all four carriers on the four routes in which the street travels though.

You see, normally this doesn't present much of a delima, the return address label provides another name if by chance the card was addressed to Billy persae as opposed to Billy Jenkins or if all else fails the envolepe could be endorsed as NSN(no such number) and returned to the sender, but, there was no return address so it will be sent to the Dead Mail Center in Georgia until someone who is legally authorized to open it and determine if there is enough information inside to return it to it's rightfull owner. Yes, to you this might seem strange or odd but most of us (despite the constant abuse we are subjected to by management) take our jobs seriously and it is quite disturbing to imagine that a small child may be thinking Dad forgot his/her birthday because someone failed to label the letter correctly.
In closing, I suggest that many of you would be suprized as to the number of letters we get addressed simply to Dad, Mom or Grandma ect., particularly around the holiday season and the occasional one with a bad address or no stamp (a lot of people will refuse a postage due if they don't know who it is from) so please due your part as a customer so we can do ours.

Damon Newman
North Richland Hills Branch
Route # 8014
So that's the reason I haven't seen my Rockport sirius 3 tt yet is because Andy shipped it through the US postal service and had a 3 year old address the crate- suppose I should look into that.
As Jerry would say, "Newman!!!!"
Yes, I appreciate the humor in which you both enlighten us with here on the 'Gon. It was intended just as a friendly reminder.
2001impala, I wish you were my mailman.
I'm with Jsbail :)
I think you should go with the Pass Labs amp myself!!
Thanks 2001impala!

The more shipments I am involved in, the more I come to appreciate the USPS. I think that Priority Mail is the method of choice, if FedEx Overnight is not needed. In every case, the USPS has proven superior to UPS and FedEX Ground(especially) in delivering small packages.

Hope you get a lot of great Christmas gifts!