No response from sellers??

I'm very new here and I'm looking to buy some speakers. I asked questions to two separate sellers using the "Questions for the seller" form. It's been several days and I haven't heard back from either one. Is there some other preferred way to contact the seller with questions?
"Try leaving your phone number"

Bad advice. Use the provided mechanism for submitting and tracking questions. If it does not work, let audiogon know. If a solution is not offered stop using audiogon until you can have faith in the system.

Never ever publish or otherwise disclose personal info to others unless you trust them. Does not sound like that is the case in this instance.
I've been buying & selling used audio gear on A*gon since the late 1990's I think, & on fee-bay almost as long. I'm finding it harder & harder to find used high-end equip. that's priced fairly. A lot of the listings have no pics, & sellers of even expensive gear don't respond to questions.

I also hate the new A*gon "offer" system. I bought & sold dozens of items here over the years, just using e-mail &/or phone, & that seemed a lot more "user friendly".
I have been having trouble with the new A'gon site, when questions are asked I do NOT receive email notification like I used to or even when I first placed the ad!

I have to check the site several times a day to be punctual, and somedays I simply forget......
I had the same problem when I was selling. Turned out that Emails where not fowarded to me. To solve it I had to put in my second Email address in my account and it solved the problem.
If you want to test it send me a bogus question on an item I am selling. YOGIBOY