No response from sellers??

I'm very new here and I'm looking to buy some speakers. I asked questions to two separate sellers using the "Questions for the seller" form. It's been several days and I haven't heard back from either one. Is there some other preferred way to contact the seller with questions?
It is late August and he may be on vacation or bringing a kid to school.

You're going to find people who operate all across the board here-some will answer you in minutes & others, well...

Taking into consideration that since the "new" audiogon started there have been lots of issues with their technology, then add in the human factor & sometimes I wonder how anything gets accomplished.

I would suggest looking thru archived threads about how to conduct transactions. From the homepage at the top highlighted in yellow, click on Forums. Type in transactions (or other words)& you have a day's worth of info. Good luck.
If a seller does not answer your questions find a seller that will. Many of the sellers here think they are doing you a favor by selling to you. Also, 100% positive feedback is no guarantee. I can learn a lot more about a seller with a quick phone call than a dozen emails. The last amplifier I bought here had a loud 60Hz blast out of the left speaker at turn on. When I mentioned this to the seller he told me some high end amplifiers do that and that it never bothered him because he left the amplifier on all the time. However, the amplifer was given a very high rating in the ad and this defect was never disclosed. The seller was obviously a liar and wanted to unload his defective amp for top dollar.
Always ask questions before buying even if you think you know the answer just to help establish the credibility of the seller if not already known.

Ads only run for so long. No excuses for not answering questions during that time. If questions do not get answered to your satisfaction, punt and move on.
You write "I am very new here" many folks are leary of a new person. many ofthe rip off sort of things come form folks who suddenly appear, with no feedbaack.
Hang in there, find a seller who will work with you.
I agree with Liz, its probably because you have no feedback yet and the redesign of the website have resulted in a lot of "posers" both buyers and sellers.

You mention you are looking for speakers - hey wait a minute - let me know what you are looking for and I'll guarantee almost immediate response :-)

As Always Good Listening

I have a pair of speakers for sale and someone asked me a couple of questions. I answered the questions promptly. When I go to 'My Page' under my for sale listing, it stated that I have had no offers, conversations or questions. I'm not sure if the potential buyer even got the answers I sent. I never received a reply back.
I have had this same issue recently. Interstingly, I did not get an AG confirmation back after a few questions submitted through its system. Sent a note this morning about this to AG. Acknowledged that and say they working on it.
I agree that the site is not too easy to use. I am in the market for some gear and tried to sign in to send a question to a seller. Even though I have been a member here for a few years, I had to create a new account because it didn't recognize my password.

Also, when the sellers responded to my question (after I created a new account) i tried to respond to them, but the email was returned.
I have had some difficulties with communicating with people since the Audiogon site was revamped. I even wrote to Audiogon specifically about the problem I encountered, using a "feedback/ask questions" kind of link or area (it was a few months ago). No one from the site responded. I wouldn't be too surprised if these difficulties are continuing.
Try leaving your phone number
"Try leaving your phone number"

Bad advice. Use the provided mechanism for submitting and tracking questions. If it does not work, let audiogon know. If a solution is not offered stop using audiogon until you can have faith in the system.

Never ever publish or otherwise disclose personal info to others unless you trust them. Does not sound like that is the case in this instance.
I've been buying & selling used audio gear on A*gon since the late 1990's I think, & on fee-bay almost as long. I'm finding it harder & harder to find used high-end equip. that's priced fairly. A lot of the listings have no pics, & sellers of even expensive gear don't respond to questions.

I also hate the new A*gon "offer" system. I bought & sold dozens of items here over the years, just using e-mail &/or phone, & that seemed a lot more "user friendly".
I have been having trouble with the new A'gon site, when questions are asked I do NOT receive email notification like I used to or even when I first placed the ad!

I have to check the site several times a day to be punctual, and somedays I simply forget......
I had the same problem when I was selling. Turned out that Emails where not fowarded to me. To solve it I had to put in my second Email address in my account and it solved the problem.
If you want to test it send me a bogus question on an item I am selling. YOGIBOY
What was the question, if it was what is your best price I would not answer that either and just delete it.
I have a great deal of feedback and some folks just don't answer. It seems this is happening more and more as the site changes. If they don't get back, then it must have sold or your better off moving on.
What has mostly worked for me is asking a question and I include my 'junk' e-mail address and make sure to check the box "keep the question private". If I get a reply I will include my phone # with what time zone I am in and ask if I may call them. The reason I give my # is 1 they can call me or 2 they have a record of my number so if they have Caller ID they will know it's me. Had some very nice conversations with members.
If they dont answer emails then keep on truckin.
It's possible the speakers are sold so the sellers not responding.

It's ridiculous to assume your lack of feedbsck is the reason for no response especially you're the buyer. Sellers don't ship until payment is received or cleared so no $$, no ship.
I'm having a problem with a seller now. I clicked the Buy It Now button on Thursday and still am waiting for a shipping quote. The seller was quick to respond to my inquiry about the turntable clamp so I'm scratching my head as to why no invoice. I contacted them through the A'gon system all the way through. The first inquiry got through so I'm guessing the other messages got through as well. Very odd indeed.
I would say unless you are commiting to buy for full amount and insist on the seller contact you via personnal e-mail, this should not redflag you as a scammer. That method seems to the preferred approach by the scammers that I have dealt with. They try to get you to contact them direct to remove AudioGon from the correspondence. Then they offer to send you a check for more than the amount and you send them the product and difference to a third party. As a result you have a cashiers check that is very stiff toilet paper and you are out the money and product. These "Fraudio-Piles" are whom the above posters refer to. These "fraudio-piles" show no transaction/feedback history and are to be avoided. But If you are keeping your correspondence with in the parameters of the AudioGon policy then the seller is either not available to reply, rude or has sold the item. Give it a little more time and meanwhile look for another seller that has the same make and model to offer. And one last possibility is if you made a ridiculously low offer the seller may be ingoring you. By the way welcome to AudioGon you will find the majority of the people here very good to deal with and friendly. We all just love music and equipment!