No reforming of Led Zep apparently

Don't know if it is common knowledge or not but I just heard an interview with Robert Plant, who said when asked if Led Zep were going to reform, he said 'no', as he is happy were he is at musically'.
....that's good John Bonham is dead !
I read the same thing via a John Paul Jones interview.

I don't think Plant thinks he can belt it out like he used to. Which is completely understandable considering he's the one who would look silly and without his once considerable "vocal bandwidth", Led just isn't the same.

I'm sure somebody is trying to get them to do a Super Bowl... which would be interesting. Their catalog of songs would be awesome for that venue. Or maybe an Olympic Opening Ceremony??
Some bands just need to stay dead and LZ is one of them.I loved the band but there's no way they can pull it off anymore.Plant has a limited range,Page doesn't seem to have the drive,Jones doesn't seem too interested and most importantly,Bonham can't be replaced,even with his son.This is just my opinion and nothing more,I'm sure some will disagree and that's fine by me.BTW,the Who need to hang it up also.
i agree that plant no longer has that freakish vocal range, but i really dig his record with allison krauss--it's really well sung and well recorded; to my ears the best post-zep work of any of the original group.
as a somewhat related aside, i randomly encountered an interesting missive on the online music blog, perfect sound forever, which asserts very convincingly that many of their classics--stairway, communication breakdown, etc.--were ripped off from a whole host of uncredited sources, incl. bert jansch, moby grape, willie dixon and keith relf. no great revelation, i guess--many of the 60s/70s blooz guys also borrowed heavily, tho zep seems to be rather more prolific theives and less generous to credit sources. great band in any event.
Tpreaves...agree with you completely. They are leaving a legacy of some great, and some not so great music, and they all have years to go and other avenues to explore, as they choose. Meanwhile, even though there are plenty of songs for them to remake as solo artists if that is something they want to do, reforming as a much older and incomplete version of Led Zeppelin at this point would really be sad. A limp blimp.
Thank God. Seminal in their heyday, they really have nothing left to say and no compelling reason to say it, now, 25 years removed. If only Jagger and a some of the other geezer rockers would follow Zep's lead
If LZ is going to reform then do it right - dig Bonham up and just strap whats left of him to the drums. Couldn't be any worse than the Who at the Super Bowl. They need to drop stairway to heaven and try escalator to heaven - the ones that are still alive will have a heck of a time with a stairway. As to Jagger and co. - if they tour again they need to have a defibrillator handy for "start me up." Elvis was right (he isn't dead he just knew when to quit). Old rock acts just don't get it. Now Sinatra - old blue eyes could still pull it off in his elder years.
Page can still play. So can Jones. Plant has lost range, but he's a far better singer now. Bonham's dead and can't be replaced, but why try to replace him? There are plenty of really good drummers working today. If Led Zep wants to come back and do some new material that fits a current band configuration, I say go for it.
I hope I die before I get old
They didn't really mean it when they first said it and they certainly don't believe it now. But it did sound cool!
Thank goodness.

From Wikipedia:

Keith Moon and John Entwistle, drummer and bassist for The Who, respectively, suggested that a possible supergroup containing themselves, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck would go down like a lead zeppelin, a term Entwistle used to describe a bad gig.[30] The group deliberately dropped the 'a' in Lead at the suggestion of their manager, Peter Grant, to prevent "thick Americans"[19] from pronouncing it "leed".[31]
Wait, I can't hear "Stairway to Heaven" live? My life is over. Sob.
I remember seeing a semi-reunion on MTV about 15 years ago or so. I remember them playing Black Dog and a few others. It was awful! I love Led Zepplin and was so glad when I saw them get ready. About 15 seconds into it, I started laughing.

I say leave well enough alone. Nothing is going to top what they did in their prime. They're still great musicians and will always be 'Led Zeppelin' but they'll never be what they were.
Led Zep were terrible at Live Aid. They made a good choice by not re-grouping ever after the passing of John Bonham.

They made the right choice by not going for the cynical moneygrab.

The Who made a travesty of their legacy with that abysmal Superbowl performance, and I'm sure Entwistle and Moon were spinning in their graves.

Just the fact they went on tour right after the death of Moon with the terrible Kenny Jones said it all.

Townshend at least partially redeemed himself with his absolutely fabulous "White City" album in 1985 and other work he's done outside The Who.

In the film "The Kids Are Alright" he stated he didn't want to go on as a carnival act he derisively referred to as "The Who On Ice", but that's exactly what they turned into.

I'm glad Zep didn't take that route. Is it a good idea now that they're so old? Even been to a Stones concert lately?

I rest my case.
David Coverdale - close enough. Please, no Steven Tyler. If you're not a big Jason Bonham fan, Mike Portnoy just left Dream Theater. And world seem to crumble as soon as I heard "Hot Dog" on 'In Through the Out Door'.
I actually thought that Plant's last album with the Strange Sensation (Mighty Rearranger) was great. A friend who is a big Zeppelin fan did not like it.. Not the huge vocal extravaganzas of old Zep, but I thought the songs themselves were very good. Going to pick up the new Band Of Joy this week to see how that is...
No one wants to see 70 year old rockers. The only thing worse than reunion acts are the overweight overaged audiences.
Best Zep is left in the past.