No output on New LS26

I just hooked it up for the first time and have tried both outputs and CD and Proc Pass Thru and get no response from volume. Re hooked main amp back up to pre-pro and it works fine. Hooked up Grado headphone amp up to outputs and nothing. Hooked Grado up to Monitor and get bleed thru so a signal is present. Hooked grado up to record out and get full sound. The culprit appears to be the volume switch. Spent an hour on the phone with the dealer, we racked our brains. Life sometimes has a simple solution that you just don't see it. OH also tried reset procedure 4 times. SO any one have an idea before I box it back up. Hoping is just a tad of magic dust, mixed with sap of oak tree and a frog eye. Let me know what you think.
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FWIW, in your evaluative process - The signal you get from the 'record out' doesn't pass thru the pre-amp's line stage so you get full gain from the source when you take a signal from 'record out'. It signifys nothing about the source of your problem. The Proc Pass Thru is not independent of the pre-amp prower source - it is like any other source.

Dumb question time - did you check the fuse? You didn't mention whether or not you were getting an indication that power was getting in - do the lights come on?

To me it sounds like the pre-amp out put is simply muted by the mute circuit. Have you checked?

BTW, this is generic - I do not own a LS26 (got on old SP10).

Make sure that the "Processor" is OFF, the "Monitor" is off and the "Mute" is off. I can come over if you need any help. Just let me know.
Thanks to bothe of you. I have double checked "mute" is off, tried both "monitor" on/off pos. "proc" selects like seperate input so when "cd" is selected, it reconnects inboard. I had to leave for an hour and 1/2 I think I will give it another 30-40min and see if has any capacitance drain from it's little brain. By the way I have re-booted per ARC instruct 4-5 times and no cookie.
I may have a dead soldier. Thanks so far.
Oh well at least I got my C5xe back from it's update so
that will get me through a Saturday nite, with my BLUE METERS! Brad! Ahem the Blue Meters are all aglow!!
Also make sure that you have the tubes seated properly. If you have a bent pin that is missing the socket, the preamp won't come out of mute. Can you see if both tubes are lighting up? Maybe a bad tube? Did you get an extra set of tubes?
Tubes are fine they have been checked 3 times pulled and replaced. They are warm whne I take the out. I just tried again am actually,but may have all along,but had the TV on.
I am actually getting a very faint sound out of the speakers at full volume. And also a grounding buzz/hum with PROC selected and the volume on the Pre/Pro maxed out.
So signal is completing the circuit, just no volume. Maybe bad tubes there seems to be a light glow and they getting warm. That would make sense. But the prevoius leads me to the conclusion that they are good.

Where are sending the output from the LS26 to? If you are sending it to your Mcintosh pre/proc are you selecting the correct setting on the Mcintosh?

If you can, hook up the CD player direct to the LS26, then take the output from the LS26 direct to the amp for the front (2) channels, thus bypassing the Mcintosh pre/proc completely. Not sure if your cables are long enough, but this would isolate the LS26 to just a (2) channel setup. If this works, then it's a setting on the Mcintosh that is wrong.
I am taking LS26 output 1 to amp in. The pre/pro is connected from 2 channel LR out to processor in on LS26.
That is the way I understand the instructions and that make the only logical way. I want the fron 22 channels of the pre/pro to PASS THru the LS26. When in proc mode on the LS26 there is no volumn. The voulume comes from MX135 so all 6 channels gain together.
Actually I really belive it is dead. Rick and I spent over an hour on the phone. He thought a rest would cause it to reset. I reset it again tonight. I have already hooked everything back up to the MX135 and will wait till monday when we can talk w/ARC but both Rick and I think it's a due a dirt nap. Hey thats why the come in boxes!
Thansk for all your help.
If you want to bring the LS26 over here tomorrow, it would only take about 30 seconds to hook it up to my system. That way you could tell for sure if it's "dead". I'm more than happy to help!!!
I would like to recommend that when you find the problem and it's all resolved don't let that taint your evaluation of the LS 26. It's a great preamp.
No I think I will get years out of the LS26 either this one or the replacement. I am McIntosh guy but in this price range this seems to be the best buy. I realize that
things break, if they didn't there would be no warranty at all. I think I have a bad volume circuit. I had thought tubes and that may be it but I don't have another pair till tomorrow to try. Since they are getting warm I really defuakt to volume circuit.
I have a ref one that had a similar problem. Turned out one of the jfets on that side broke off during transit. It had to go back to be fixed. Works great since.
Do you need to tell it if you are using BAL or SE inputs?
I should add a little more info. The previous generations of ARC preamps (one of which I have) have a switch to select BAL or SE for any input. The new interface on the LS 26 maybe has a default value for that choice? If the default choice is BAL and you have your CD player hooked up to the SE inputs you would have the same effect as no source selected. Make sure you have the volume turned down to a "safe" level if you find such a setting and change it.
Upon re-reaading your post, I see you got sound from "record out", so I'm skeptical that my idea is the problem.
Sono, Thank you but I did try the Bal/Se a number of times
and tried both cables think maybe the Bal/Se switch was dead. I think since I get a faint faint sound at 103(max vol)from cd and a grounding hum/buz from PROC with pre/pro volume at max. It must be a bad volume switch or something in that circuit. Frustrating I have been saving for a year to get this. Boo Hoo for me. Thank again
One last note: Audio Research was very patient and understanding this morning when I called them, as my dealers line was busy when I called him. Well my dealer has just informed me that ARC is shipping a replacement 2 day air. My first taste of doing business with Audio Research has proven to be very positive. All products regardless of who makes them are sucseptable to break. That is not unrealistic. The real litmus test is how the manufacturer handles it. I have always delt with Mcintosh and had stellar service from them and their equipment. I wanted to try the ARC LS26 because I beleive in it's price range I would not beat the performance. And in light of all that has happened thus far. I can say that ARC may become my new system core. When/if I tire of the Mc amps I will most likely consider ARC as replacements.
I also want to add, that I find so much pleasure in dealing with an American company and a service rep. that is not India and understands when customer is having an issue and resolves in a stand up manner such as ARC did.
And to my Dealer Rick at Audio Alternative in Ft.Collins who took this on his shoulders as a personnal task as if he was the one to blame, I would be hard pressed to find another like him in the level of service he has provided me through the years. E.g. he is closed today and took his time to get this resolved.
And finally,thanks to all my fellow Audiogoners who offered help in my moment of need.
Com'on Thursday!
Update: Replacement is in the other room making music as I type this. Thanks again to Leonard at Audio Research and Rick at Audio Alternative for getting this done is such a positive and timely manner. Good service is fast becoming a rarity in our business world and I have found two that beieve it is the cornersone of any business with a future.
This economy will sift out those that don't adopt these beliefs.
The old adage "if it works out of the box, it isn't Hi End" has always lead me to make the dealer take the new product out of the box and hook the unit up at his facility to ensure it works before I take it home. I've had experiences like yours before and they are extremely disappointing. I'm glad to hear your situation was quickly resolved.
RHljazz, I guess I am the anal guy that always tells the dealer that I want the "wedding night" experience. So I have always asked to hand me a sealed box. This is the first dead unit I have ever received. On the exchange unit the dealer did take it out and it was playing when i arrived yesterday. We then took then dead unit and confirmed it was indeed, well passed on. We pulled the sheet over it's head and called the coroner.
Glad to hear that all ended well. I'd be happy to entomb the dead unit in my basement. Of couse, I might take it over to Audio Research for last rites beforehand. :)
Theo,please keep up updated as the unit breaks in. I'm interested in the ARC /Mac combo. It should be a good match. The pre will need about 400hrs. 250 hrs will be about 75% there.
Theo, it is so great to read the positive outcomes from dealing with great dealers and companies that stand behind their products. I hope you enjoy your unit!! Congrats.
Thanks to all for your responses. I am now just waiting for the "Break in". So far it is somewhat brittle in sound but just from the 25 hours I have of burn in ,I have noticed that edge is softening this morning already. I am
really hoping that there will be a positive synergy between the Mc and the ARC. Lord knows I better like it because I can't afford to make any changes for a long time.
Glad you got a replacement. I had that same problem with an LS25 and it was a defective mute switch relay.