No Output from left channel on Primaluna Dialogue HP

Was wondering to query the hive mind before I sat down and tried to figure this one out myself.
See if anyone had thoughts on how to go about resolving the issue. 

I lost output from the left channel on my Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated the other day. 

I hadn't turned the amp on since Hurricane Irma came through. One night during Irma, I had a few power surges that happened. I was worried the tube amp would suffer, despite having it connected to a power conditioner, so I switched my amplification to an older SS amp. Turned the tube amp off, and haven't turned it back on since. 

Well, I finally had time to reconnect everything last night only to realize the left channel has zero output. Right channel working fine. I meticulously identified the amplifier as the cause. 

-I'm not getting any red lights for bad tubes. Despite this, I changed out almost all tubes to confirm. Still no output. 

Anyone have any thoughts as to the source? Fuse blown? Something worse?
Any fixes I should investigate?

Current tubes available are 8 KT150 power tubes, 6 Cifte signal tubes, and all the original primaluna tubes. 


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Check for blown fuses first...
May seem like a silly question, but having never delt with audiophile fuses, how can you tell if the fuse is blown? 

Is there more than one fuse in the Primaluna? 
Did you tested with headphones?
If you have a multimeter, you can check the fuse(s) for continuity.  

In the event you don't have an owners manual here's a link to get the one you need
PL HP owner here.

Couple of years ago, similar problem. Its a relay not functioning. Time to strain your back lugging it to the shop.
Give Kevin @ Upscale Audio. He can help you out.
I'm going to spend some time with the amp tomorrow to finally take a look at things.

@imhififan I haven't listened with headphones. If I listen with headphones and it comes through in both channels vs. still has no output via left. What would that tell me? 

I'll take a look at the fuses. Pull out the multimeter. 
Does this thing have two fuses? I guess I will figure it out tomorrow. 

@tablejockey  How did your problem present itself? Single channel no output? Power surge? If you don't mind me asking, how much did the repair set you back?

I didn't buy the amp from Kevin at Upscale Audio (It was a forum purchase), but I have bought about 1.5-2K worth of tubes from him, so hopefully if I can't figure it out on my own, they wont mind me asking them for help. 

Warranty on these amps are not transferable correct?

@imhififan I haven’t listened with headphones. If I listen with headphones and it comes through in both channels vs. still has no output via left. What would that tell me?
If listen with headphones and it comes through in both channels, the preamp section is fine.

If listen with headphones and still has no output via left, could be problem from the preamp section or the source.

Another way to verify is connect a source with volume control or another preamp via HT bypass (bypass the preamp section).
whacky-the amp warms up normally, and my left channel was dead. There is a relay that switches "on" after warmup.Presumably connecting to speaker taps.
Unless your tech savvy, it's something left to an expert.

Mine fortunately was warrantied, I purchased it from Upscale. Kecin can give you an authorized service tech in your area and answer other questions.

As mentioned, perhaps you can still listen using the H/T bypass using a source with a volume control. Good luck.

update on this problem.

Have definitely connected multiple sources, AV pre/pro, DAC, etc and still no output using different inputs. HT bypass still has no output. 

I replaced the fuse. still the same issue. No output from left channel.

I also used the headphone output to listen. I never listen to headphones aside from my wireless Bose at the gym but strangely enough with any of the wired headphones I had available, all of them had zero output from the Right channel, which is opposite the problem I am having with speaker output. If using the normal speaker out, its my left channel with no output.

Does that mean anything?

Either way, this unit isnt covered under warranty, so hopefully the repairs wont cost an arm and a leg. 

I filed out a form via Primalunas website this morning asking for information on how to return the unit to my closed service center to be inspected and fixed. 

I'll entertain any other suggestions in the meantime.

I whacky, have you solved your problem? I have exactly the same  with dialogue premium hp amplifier. Pleas tell me what the problem was. Have a good day
Yes, I did fix the problem

It wasn't the main fuse in the rear of the amp, but there are two fuses on the inside, one for each channel. 

I had to turn the amp upside down, remove the bottom, and replace the fuse for the blown channel.

This fixed the problem immediately.