No-one talks about Rowlands anymore

It's Pass all over the place. Is Rowland going down big time or terribly and expensively up?

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I know this is an older thread, but reading some of the submissions has stuck in my craw. I have one of the original 301's and I love its sound quality.  The soundstage is huge and mates well with the Revel Salon2's.  The sound is definitely more euphonic/liquid than analytic. There is no reason at this level of implementation to badmouth Class D, for one it is very ecological and efficient and Jeff has done a great job with the execution of this design.  One caveat that deserves mention I have had to include a transformer in the line source to knock down the NZ 240 V to mate with this 230 V design.  This has resulted in an audible reduction in the noise floor.  I have owned JRDG amps since the mid 80's starting with the Model 7 and 9T and while I use Meridian Reference gear for the front end, I find the combination harmonically rich and musically involving.  Are their better amps out there in 2020?  Absolutely, but are they more musically satisfying?  The answer would be based on a subjective assessment.