No one cares this is the anniversary?

I kept thinking all day that someone else would do this.

There was a lot of blood left on the beaches in France this day 60 years ago so Europe would be free from oppression.

There was a special this morning on History Channel, where one survivor, barely 17 years old that day tearfully described his fallen comrades and his realization that he narrowly escaped death.

We owe these soldiers, living and dead, a debt of gratitude.
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Good Bless the Men and Woman who served,We said a Prayer at church yesterday for them and their famalies.
Tomryan's attempt to draw an analogy between Iraq and Germany is fallacious. The question is whether current events in Iraq will or will not unfold as the Bush administration predicts. The fact that various negative predictions from Life and the New York Times in 1946 about Germany have been refuted by historical hindsight has no bearing on whether current predictions about Iraq will or will not be proven correct. Only time will tell--not misleading analogies that ignore the vast differences between the circumstances of 1946 and 2004.
Here, here Albert! Thank you for this somber yet vital reminder. May
those who gave their lives for our freedom, both on that fateful day in
France, as well those who died before them, and those who fight and die
so courageously after them, and to this day, never be forgotten. Though
I do not believe in the conflict we are in now, nor the administration who
instigated it, the sacrafice being made by those brave men and women
who continue to die at such an alarming rate in the name of our country
is no less worthy of our respect and gratitude. They're all heroes in my
book! May this world reflect more often on the insanity of war and
violence, that it may someday embrace peace at all costs. May our brave
servicemen and women soon return to their homes and families and the
violence and the death toll in the middle east subside.

Albert, thank you. My father served in the Pacific during WWII. I will always remember that. On a side note I also remember Ronald Reagan in 1984 giving his Memorial over in Normandy on June 6th, the 40th anniversy of D-Day. In it he stated, we will not forget. A great man died on the 60th anniverary of D-Day. We will not forget.