No one actually knows how to lculate what speaker cable they need

It goes back to cable manufaturars, mostly provide no relevant data! to sales and the users. None will answer this!
Whay do you think that you own now the optimal cable to your setup?
I think I've figured it out. 

I never said I did the measurements at any point. I said the measurements have been done and they don't agree with your claims and then I cited and linked to them. You didn't do the measurements either! How can you ask someone to verify measurements you haven't even done yourself? Making measurements of these kinds is a somewhat technical challenge requiring some somewhat expensive gear and calibrated apparatus. I don't have that gear yet.

As for the theory which your secret formula supports...
It must be wrong. It has to be wrong because your understanding of the phenomenon doesn't match measurements. The values you claim are in error by orders of magnitude as proven by mathematical calculation and the verification of that math by measurements. Nobody needs to know your formula to prove its wrong because the results you claim from it are wrong. And that's why I know you've never done the measurements yourself. 

By the way... We're still waiting for you to explain to us just how Nelson Pass went down the wrong path. The least you could do would be to explain why his measurements are wrong. 

Ok guys. This is going to end now and here. If your boss, of the cable industry you may represent wish to have a conversation, I'm here. For you: I'm no more available.

Who's the "boss of the cable industry"? Why would anyone want to talk to you when you can't defend your theory from observed measurements that prove it wrong? You had all kinds of fight when you thought anecdotal evidence was your ace in the hole. C'mon, man! Tell us how the math is wrong and how Nelson Pass doesn't know what he's talking about or measuring. Stop trying to appeal to the imaginary "boss of the cable industry" for credibility. You don't get to be the "boss of the cable industry" by recruiting guys who can't make their ideas agree with math or measurements. 
Hmmmm.... The boss of the cable industry doesn't seem to have arrived. I don't understand. I was hoping he'd show up and tell us how Nelson Pass doesn't know what he's talking about or measuring. Guess I'll stop holding my breath. 
It would be interesting if the first 3 AudioGon members are still using the DIY cables. Please chime in. The latter 3 are not AG members.