No Music with No Power

Yesterday 300,000 people had experienced power outage in Northwest of Washington State due to severe winter storm.

I was one of them to have outage of 15 hours from 11AM to 2AM on this morning.

4 years ago, I had experienced 60 hours power outage.

Thus I had bought gas power generator just in case.

But it is heavy (around 50kg, 110lb) and got stuck in storage.

So I did not use it yesterday.

But if power outage had extended to daytime of today, I would have used it.

I had been back to my home in Washington State on 18th Tuesday.

After being back to US, I had 150 new CDs delivered from including some soundtrack.

Also I have new digital cable ready and 300B tube to play with.

Just after playing music for 12 hours, I experienced sudden power outage with severe winter storm similar to "Frozen".

After checking the situation that more than half or people in my county is going through power outage, I was expecting for the worst case.

Fortunately, it ended after just 15 hours.

Now I am just happy to enjoy  music without paying much attention to sound.

During 18 day’s stay in Korea, I had gone through lot of things including vintage Western horns, first audition of Total Dac and MSB Select Dac.

But after being back to my home, I can enjoy music without paying too much attention to sound.

It will be nice if I can get vintage Western Big horn system which has very natural dynamics and soundstage.

But I can happily live with my current system of Lansche 4.1 speaker driven by Line Magnetic 508 SET amp for the time being..
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Glad everything O.K. for you now. I have an all-electric house and worry about power outages in middle of winter. Planning to get a dual-fuel generator and a propane heater (35,000 BTU) "just in case" to keep my water pipes from freezing/bursting. The joys of home ownership.

Thanks a lot for your kind word.

Fortunately I am living in coastal area where temperature rarely drop below freezing point.

But it is still better to be prepared for the worst.

I also ordered a more portable gas generator.