No love. Why?

It seems like everytime I mention I have Paradigm studio 20's v5 in my system someone is always trying to convince me to change them. Is there a problem with Paradigms I'm not aware of or Is this just the the friendly banter that exists.

Don't take this too serious just wondering.
I never liked the studio 20s, you should change them
Probably because they have heard them in a different set up than yours with a different source, different amp, different room, and most importantly different expectations. Wait 'til you have a chance to hear their POS. :-)

Just relax, ignore the comments, unless you have solicited them, and enjoy the music.
Some do it to be mean and some because they prefer a different sound. People have said terrible things about my speakers. Bottom line is your own ears. If you are happy try not to let other opinions bother you. It's important to develop thick skin with this hobby!
I wouldn't give it a second thought. If you like them, thats all that matters. Everyone has an opinion, and that exactly what it is. I'm not crazy about the Oppo players, but everyone else seems to love them...
I had some 20v3 and thought they were ok - right when I was selling them I tried them near field and then I thought there were really good...
I suspect that it's because they aren't exciting visually and they fall into a price point where they're below the radar for many . I had a pair of the Monitor 7 se mkii and I thought they were very good speakers. Ultimately they left the stable because they lacked that certain something that speakers I've kept had- I just wasn't excited about them. I wouldn't be bummed if they were my only speakers either. There was no lack of love, they just didn't have any romance or special aura about them. Enjoy them!
Paradigm has speakers from $300 - $6,000 . Smaller boutique companies start at 6k and go up . Deep pocketed audiophiles would never even consider them . As a previous owner of studio 100 v2 ,v3 studio 40 v2 studio 10 v5 . I know what you like about them . Some will give opinions here with no knowledge of the op's questions . Just need to ignore them as much as possible. Only reason i moved on is every couple of years i want a change . i have gone back to paradigm on more than one ocassion . When they come up on CL for a price i cannot refuse .
Those people are either: Jealous, and want you to waste time worrying.
Folks just wanting to worry for no reason at all except to generally make trouble. (trollish behavior)
They are crazy and thinkand write whatever because the little voices telling them what to write are torturing them psychologically if they do not,
Trying to sell you some other speakers.

I would NEVER worry about what anyone writes on any audio site about my stuff, for the two reasons above.
If they have someething constructive to offer, I will consider the comment. Otherwise. LOL...

All that matters is you like them. 100%
I say, replace your Paradigms with Evolution Acoustics MMMicro Ones and let me know what people comment. There will ALWAYS be [at least] one person on forums who will not like them or any other speakers/components. So why care? Live your life the way you like and forget about what others have to say. Enjoy your music - that is what finally matters!!
As long as you are happy with the sound that is all that matters. There will always be a better sounding system. And there are many many many people that will tell you that you need to do this or that. That makes them feel better about their own system. Those are friends, those are insecure ego driven people that have a need and try to fulfill it by degrading your system. Don't waste your time listening to them, that is valueable time that you could be listening to your music on your speakers in your home that you bought with your money that earned with your hard work. These people I have found are jealous and or insecure and a waste of time. Paradigm makes a wonderfull speaker in the market range they aspire to fit for each model. Why do you think there are so many sold?
Years ago I bought a pair of Studio 40's(ver.2 I believe)that had received glowing reviews from all the usual suspects.When I hooked them up they were WAY to bright & would never calm down.I called Paradigm & spoke with the tech dept.& was told by them that ALL Paradigm speakers are voiced in an Anechoic Chamber & only performed up to their potential when used in rooms that were either acoustically treated(as most reviewers have)or heavily damped with furniture/carpet,etc...
Most buyers (& even dealers)of Paradigm's don't get this info & thus they never fully realize how good their speakers can sound.They are usually easy to drive & I have heard Studio 60's(V5)driven by 35wpc.Tube Integrated in a nicely treated room that sounded AWESOME!
Don't worry about it and enjoy them. I own Harbeth and occasionally I see a post come up where the only people that post on it are Harbeth haters. I never reply because everyones entitled to their own opinion. If you can listen and enjoy the music without being too critical you're way ahead of most people here. Let the music be your hobby and not the gear. If it sounds okay to YOU let it ride.
The Studio 20s are very good speakers!! Do NOT listen to the naysayers, you have some very nice speakers there. Just sit back and enjoy them....

I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
All too often the posters on this site are willing to spend your money to validate their own prejudices. If you're happy with your speakers disregard these "recommendations". There will always be disagreement. Watch this...."those who drives a Corvette are idiots not to have bought a Porsche.
It's not one of those loudspeakers that starts you on an audiophile journey of ever changing loudspeakers.
First off I want to thank everyone who responded. I laughed, I cried, but in the end I still have the studio 20's

In my home area we are limited to audio stores one of which just shut its door after 20 some years in the business. Sad. I actually bought the studio 20's on audiogon at a resonable price of $800 which included shipping. I heard them at the above mentioned store before they closed and liked what I heard but not at $1300 so when I saw these audiogon I purchesed them.

Everyone wants to sell home theater systems now so they don't carry alot of dedicated two channel components. In my immediate market area you can find Klipsch, Paradigm,B&W,and Polk. So you can see how hard it is to audition anything else.

I'm not looking for justification on why I own the speakers I do. It, at the time, was the best of the bunch. I know there are bigger and better speakers out there, which is good to know, I would welcome any constructive input on what else is out there, that by chance I can audition speakers. I find it difficult to purchase speakers without actually hearing them first. Maybe that will change.

I have another posting in pre/amp forum that specifies that If your "friend" had $5000 to spend on putting a two channel system together how would you direct him in his spending. This is also based on having the studio 20's already. Which I am more than happy to change if someone can give me compelling reasons to do so.
Nice comments Elizabeth. Wmbode. You need to get out and listen to some other options. Or trust some of the folks in these forums and make a decision.

I've been through a number of speakers like B&W, Totem, Devore, Verity, Zu, and came back to a better Verity speaker and am all set. It is the sound I like. There will always be something better. Cash or credit is something I always consider.