No love for the REL S series anymore?

Kind of wondering what's happening. Been trying to sell a REL Storm III for 2 months now and not even getting a nibble. There's 3 of them just sitting in the FS ads and are not moving.
Used to be the REL S series of subs were hard to find and went quickly.

Has something happened to their good reputation that I'm not aware of?
the prices have come down a smidge, but I've noticed them selling . . . at least the natural wood ones have been. The black ones have always seemed to sell for a lot less, or not at all . . .
IMO, the storm is not one of their finest.Most recognize this and hence the lack of interest..Ive seen them as low as 450ish and still dont sell.I personally wouldnt want one again at any price
you may have seen a STORM I *not* sell for $450, but not a STORM III. Natural Veneer Storm III''s sell quickly so long as they are priced reasonably. Britix Black isn't as well liked. Used Cherry Veneer Storm III's sold for a few years for ~$1100, but in the past year I've seen the prices drop to under $1000, but they still sell. All this of course assumes the unit is in very good cond or better.
I've owned several S series REL's and had issues as several others have as well so maybe it is their reputation finally catching up!

(Dealer disclaimer)
Had a Rel its a BIG TURKEY!!
I've had 3 Rel Storms - 2 Storm III's, 1 Storm I. Never had an issue. Still have 1 of my Storm III's and always will. It's fantastic - by far the most musical sub, and easiest to integrate I've ever had.
I've owned two REL Storm III's, including the one I currently own. Never had a problem.
It's pretty obvious from a couple of threads that Mr. Sksos 1 does not like Rel R seies subs, how is the new ''R' series ???? As I am looking into them ????
I've owned Strata III and Storm III subs and never had any issues with them.
The last 3 Rel storm 3s on ebay were listed at "buy it now " at $ interest/no sales...the last one that actually sold was under $500 in wood...I never said they had build issues with that sub,just said it sounded bad.Compare it to the strata 3 and u should understand,,if not enjoy.
ok - now I see the point. A quick ebay search shows 2 Storm III's have sold in the past (however long they keep the history for) 1 Storm III in Cherry veneer for $600; and 1 Storm III in Black for $400. It also shows 2 Strata III's sold for $375, $380. Since I let me A'gon bluebook subscription expire last year I can't see what they are showing there

So I stand corrected - it's been longer than I thought since I last watched these. It looks like the economy and all the new offerings have driven the prices down a bunch. Previously they were holding up pretty well.
Yea,even the B series is down.A B-3 sold on ebay the other for under $500in nice shape.IMO, the issue with the storm 3 is its flabby and slow,I think its because of the ported system unlike the Strata 3.You put it up against a great or even good subwoofer and you hear why the market is off that sub,added to the fact the newer releases from Rel are cheaper new and sound better,again my opinion.....