No love for Legacy Audio

Hello all. I have been on a few discussions here and read many more. I have not seen many of the posters here talk much about Legacy Audio speakers. I am referring to the Signature SE model and the Focus SE model. I am curious why people don’t seem to like them as much as several other brands that get talked about much more here. What is it you like better about the ones you are consistently raving about. Thank you. 


I have a friend with Legacy Signature SE. They really fill his room with rich, airy sound. Those were the speakers that reignited my interest in the hobby six years ago. They still sound great. I love my Tektons, but still enjoy his awesome system. Good synergy in his room. He runs them with a 15k McIntosh integrated, VPI Prime and Soundsmith Paua cart. Magnificent. Sounds almost as good as my room.

Well, I have a pair of Focus SE’s in my main system driven by Plinius amps and a Holo Audio DAC and I can tell you my system sounds amazing. I also have a pair of Signature III’s in my second system paired with an integrated tube amp and it sounds great as well. I don’t really care what anyone else thinks. To me the Legacy’s are special, especially when paired with high quality amps. No subs required! 

I have the Calibre XD’S and am really happy. I bought the passive version originally and was running them with a Rogue Cronus Magnum. At 90.5 db and 100 wpc they sounded really good, but Bill Dudelston told me they liked a lot of power and said they would have a lot more/better bass and presence with the XD amps. I took his advice and man was he right. I upgraded them to XD’S and have the bass powered by the 750 wpc ICE amps and the mids/highs by the Rogue. Very impressive presence, slam, air and and soundstage. I listen to a lot of jazz and they really do a great job with that genre. If you want to rock out they can with authority. Drawbacks? Sure, I have to take some metal candleholders off the walls because they rattle too much when I crank the Calibres and my wife has accused me of violating her noise ordinance a few times. I had a guy do a master set with them and it did wonders for the imaging and soundstage. They sound spacious and smooth at moderate volumes as well. Future plans are a Wavelet and if possible, Aeris or Focus XD in a few years.

I’m a Legacy fan.

I have Focus SEs in walnut and one speaker has bubbling veneer on three sides, the speaker is under warranty, but I come to realize now I pay for shipping to fix what clearly is a manufacturing defect.  This may be normal in the industry (not smart enough to know) but unexpected and disappointing on many levels.  New speaker with bubbling veneer on three sides?  How does that leave the factory?  And now I have to pay to ship this beast.  $300, maybe more?  It makes me think the lack of love for Legacy may be based on actual customer experience.