No love for Legacy Audio

Hello all. I have been on a few discussions here and read many more. I have not seen many of the posters here talk much about Legacy Audio speakers. I am referring to the Signature SE model and the Focus SE model. I am curious why people don’t seem to like them as much as several other brands that get talked about much more here. What is it you like better about the ones you are consistently raving about. Thank you. 


I will add that for the longest time the perception among the vast majority of high-end 'philes was that Legacy were bombastic mid-fi monsters not far off from the present day with Tekton. The prevailing philosophy was that high-end loudspeakers had two or three driver units and cross-over points and that the drivers had to be expensive from a well known producer-most in Scandinavia-with a tower or stand mount configuration. 

Admittedly, that snobbishness and broad predilection was misplaced and inaccurate. But it did persist throughout most of the 80's and 90's and well into the oughts. 

I recently traded a fully active pair of Calibres for a custom pair of Signature SE. They have the new upgraded midrange driver that is seen in the picture of the XD version. Mine don't have the internal amp, but are tri-wire, tri-amp capable with crossover between woofers and midrange, and between midrange and tweeter assembly handled by the Wavelet 2. I drive them with 6 channels of a D-sonic M3a-4000. Really terrific sounding speakers with great flexibility. 

I listened to them at their listening room a few years back. They were just not my cup of tea. I was listening to modded Magnepan 1.7s, evolved to modded Revel F208s and am now in heaven with Spatial X5s.

Barret over at Spec of Tech loves his Focus SEs but watching his take on their Audio Studio bookshelf speaker will blow your mind:

I owned the Legacy SEs for a few years. I loved the sound of the tweeter. It was very alive and natural. Gradually, I fell out of love. With acoustic music the imaging and center fill were just off and I couldn’t correct it with repositioning. I discovered this problem when my second cheaper system sounded way better with a new dac. In comparison the Legacies just could not deliver the realistic imaging and palpability from that better new dac that the mor modest system did.The bass also sounded wrong. It may have partly been a room issue, but I couldn’t fix it. I replaced them with kef references 1s.