No longer need 16' speaker cable pair- options?

So- when I bought my speaker cables a few years ago, Analysis Plus Mesh Oval 9's, the way my system was set up, I needed a 16' pair. My set up is entirely different now, and I don't need more than a 10' run. As I see it, I have 3 options: 1- do nothing; 2- have my cables re-terminated by AP into a 10' pair and a spare 6' pair; 3- Sell my Oval 9's and look for an entirely new cable.

I do like the AP 9's- it's a full and warm cable. Really checks off all the right boxes for me and in the time I've owned them, never been disappointed by their performance. My amp is a Pass X250.8 and the speakers are Revel Studio 2.

Your thoughts? Thanks!
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Actually, Dweller, that’s a fascination idea as I’ve considered moving my amp to a spot between the speakers and if  I did that, making a bi-wire pair makes tons of sense. Thank you!! 
That is a good idea...

I'm in the same situation.  I'm just using my 15 foot speaker cables with the excess laid out in a zigzag pattern behind the speakers.  I have always heard that you don't want to coil speaker wire as it can add inductance.
Hadn't ever thought of that, Chuck; of course, makes perfect sense--there's almost a 4ft run in my floor standing speakers from the connectors to the drivers, and I am sure there is room for improvement. Thank you.
Zavato, you can find plenty to read about on why the shortest length possible of speaker cable is the best option.  A longer signal connecting cable is a better choice than a longer speaker cable.  As dweller mentioned, if your speakers are capable of bi-wire connectivity, and if you are able to centrally locate your amp between your speakers (and thus using a longer signal connecting cable), then with 16' you have sufficient length to make a double bi-wire configuration of 2, 8' pairs.  That would be the best option for utilizing and repurposing what you presently have and creating a superior solution of connectivity.  I recommend having Analysis Plus do the re-terminations so you know it was properly done by those who know their products best.  The result should put a smile on your face every time you listen to your system.
Enjoy the music.