No longer need 16' speaker cable pair- options?

So- when I bought my speaker cables a few years ago, Analysis Plus Mesh Oval 9's, the way my system was set up, I needed a 16' pair. My set up is entirely different now, and I don't need more than a 10' run. As I see it, I have 3 options: 1- do nothing; 2- have my cables re-terminated by AP into a 10' pair and a spare 6' pair; 3- Sell my Oval 9's and look for an entirely new cable.

I do like the AP 9's- it's a full and warm cable. Really checks off all the right boxes for me and in the time I've owned them, never been disappointed by their performance. My amp is a Pass X250.8 and the speakers are Revel Studio 2.

Your thoughts? Thanks!
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Leave it alone.  Nothing to be gained, and who knows, some time in the future you might need longer ones again.

+1 twoleftears, a nice coil looks good, and some risers doesn't hurt a thing, adds an artistic flare to the look.... Culture.... Yes... Cable Art...

The NEW thing of the future "Cable Art by so and so!!!" yup!!!

Move your speakers closer together, have AP make to 8 ft pair and bi-wire.
Actually, Dweller, that’s a fascination idea as I’ve considered moving my amp to a spot between the speakers and if  I did that, making a bi-wire pair makes tons of sense. Thank you!! 
That is a good idea...