No IP over WireWorld Platinum Starlight Cat8

I’m having some problems with what I thought would be an easy setup.  I have an AQVOX switcher on order but it won’t arrive for another few weeks.  When it does, I will bring it into the system...mirroring the suggestions of  audioengr.  In the meantime, my notes below are based on a temporary setup.

STREAMER: Aurender A10
ROUTER: (Orbi)
ETHERNET CABLES: Platinum Startlight Cat8

When I first received the A10, I did not have the WireWorld Platinum cables yet, so I used a basic ethernet cable included with the Orbi router.  Works just fine, directly connected from Orbi router/modem combo, no issues.

Upon receiving the WireWorld cables, I inserted them into the mix, direct from the Orbi to the A10.  No IP detected.  I tried putting an Airport Express (client mode) between the Orbi and the A10 but still, no IP detected.  I tried an Eero, also set in bridge mode and the WireWorld cables do nothing.  Insert cheap cables and boom, all is working.

Can anybody explain why the cheap ethernet cable works perfectly with a direct connection to the A10 but the high-end cables do not?  Thoughts on settings?  Is there something I'm missing?


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Ethernet is very straight forward, either it works or it does not. Quite possibly you have a bad run.
Sometimes a "better" cable will provide worse results, depending on how its characteristics interact with the characteristics of what it is connecting. In this case the WireWorld cable appears to differ in numerous respects from most other Ethernet cables. As far as I can tell from the figure in its description each of its four pairs of conductors are not twisted together, as they are in nearly all other Ethernet cables. Twisting or lack thereof will affect inductance, capacitance, "characteristic impedance," noise rejection, noise radiation, and "crosstalk" (although presumably and hopefully the shielding that is provided around each pair of conductors deals with noise and crosstalk in a satisfactory manner). Also, as a Cat 8 cable its bandwidth is much greater than the bandwidth of the garden variety cable that is working properly for you. Bandwidth that is greater than necessary is not always a good thing. Finally, the gauge of the conductors in the Wireworld cable is a bit heavier than in most Ethernet cables, and the conductors are silver rather than copper.

We can only speculate on which if any of these differences account for the issue. But if I were you, and if it is still possible, I would return the cable.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al
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Are the link lights on?

+1   Also: I've personally made this mistake: Is the protective sheathing removed?
If you contact Wireworld directly David's people will help you troubleshoot the problem and replace the cable if necessary.