No good new music?

Curious as to how many 2002 new releases people bought this year - I bought a lot of music this year in general, but also felt like there was a lot of good new release this year as well. Being nearly the end of the year, I looked at my music inventory spreadsheet for how many 2002 releases I had and came up at >40.

How many 2002 releases have some of you purchased? It seems like this is some measure of how much good "new" music there is out there.
The "neo garage" movement that includes the White Stripes,the Hives,the Vines,the Strokes...are pretty cool compared to the usual fluff(Britney Spears)...I still find going back to the "source"...the Kinks,Who,Small Faces,The Jam,etc...more to my liking...whatever floats your boat I guess...
I've bought plenty, not sure the exact number but probably around the same as you. If you want the best of this year, the new Red Hot Chili Pepper's CD and the Bowie release are well worth owning!
I probably bought somewhere in the region of thirty or so.
There is usually always some good new music about it's really a case of researching your preffered genres and taking the odd risk.
I'll post my top ten or so releases a bit later-I tended to find this year that quite a few of the better releases were from older established acts-Tom Waits,Bowie,Gabriel,Robert Plant and Springsteen.
I think it often takes a lot longer than a few months to establish how good a record is overall.
One of my friends was remarking that when he looks over the end of year lists he keeps that some of his lower entries are now rated much higher and the top discs left unplayed.
Still there are always fun to do and read over......
I purchased around 30 and just about all did nothing for me. Decent music but nothing for critical listening. I agree with Ben that the better stuff was from the same ol' established acts. Back to the lp's I guess
my 2002 list:

1: brave captain - advertisements for myself: this album owns all. yes: *all.* including you and yo mama.

2: interpol - turn on the bright lights - so what if it sounds a lot like joy division? it's still original enough to sound distinctive and is still well-written and feckin' fantastic. by far the album i listened to most this past year.

3: wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot: i know that we all heard it in 2k1, but it wasn't released until 2k2. best wilco album to date.

4: love and rockets - express (expanded remastered edition): originally released in '85, this remastering of it makes it a new recording of one of the most brilliant albums by a brilliant band. made me bust out all of my old l&r catalog.

5: peter murphy - dust: murphy has finally done what his former bauhaus mates have been doing since the band split - he wrote an album that won't sound dated in 10 years. his middle-eastern influences have been brought out of the background and thrown in your face, completely changing the style of the music for the better and effectively alienating all the little goths who can't accept the fact that bauhaus is broken up. plus, it was one hell of a show and ghandi was playing bass. yes: ghandi

6: david bowie - heathen: heathen is a really, really good album. parts are most certainly reminiscent of "hunky-dory" era bowie. which is intentional, i'm sure as he worked with toni visconti, his 70's-era producer, on this one

7: beck - sea change: i don't know a lot about beck. i know that he had a hit with 'loser' while i was in high school and that 'odelay' was also a commercial success, but i never thought i'd own an album of his. one thing i *do* know about beck for certain, though, is that he was in a fuckload of pain when he wrote this album, and it all comes through. very pretty, very passionate, very sad. don't listen to with razor blades around.

8: ryan adams - heartbreaker: came out last year, but i just bought it. not as good as whiskeytown's 'pneumonia' but still very, very good.

9: leonard cohen - ten new songs: slow, monotonous at times, but damn that guy can write! perfect for a certain mood and very engaging.

10: SOUND team - into the lens: austin, tx based quintet. these guys are fantastic. anybody who reads this and doesn't own it needs to buy it. support these poor bastards and help them get a label! really enjoyable.

honorable mention:
daniel ash - daniel ash: first solo outing for daniel since love and rockets split up. very techno-ish at times, but still enough of a daniel ash sound not to alienate fans. has a few stinkers, but also a few moments of brilliance. great feckin' concert, too.

doves - last broadcast: a little too rockin' for my tastes. i prefer the slower subtelty of 'lost souls.'

south - from here on in: not sure when it came out, but i got it this year. very catchy little acoustic-driven pop songs beginning to end.

flaming lips - yoshimi battles the pink robots: i liked it the first listen - haven't liked it since. over-produced and kinda silly at times.

massive shit pile:
luna - romantica: i will continue to buy luna albums as long as dean keeps putting them out, because i believe that one day they will put out one on par with 'pup tent' or 'bewitched.' er . . . . . i hope at least. the opening song is okay. 'mermaid eyes' is okay. the rest of the album is boring rot.
In 2002 I scored:
Natalie Merchant's Motherland (somebody dumped her so hard she left out the lyric sheet. Electric banjo too, woohoo!); Dylan's Love and Theft (Tex-a-billy from those who know); The remaster of Traffic's Low Spark (bargain oldie that's still fresh); Stereophonics' Just Enough Education to Perform (alternately soft, then loud, per the basic thrash formula with enough self mockery to make it real);
Cowboy Junkies' Open (which revealed just how empty their barrel has become);
EVERYTHING ECM Records was nice enough to release in the USA (An unfathomable trove of art beyond my ability to comprehend it, always fresh and impossible to contain in word or mind, aka, pure music.)
Lazarus-Ryan Adams Heartbreaker is from 2000-he's had 2 records released since then Gold (2001) and Demolition this year.
For 2002 release dates I've purchased two this month: Sigur-Ros "( )", and Godspeed You Black Emperor! "Yanqui U.X.O.". Not sure about the release dates of the other cd's as they are at home.
Yankee Foxtrot Hotel - Wilco. I know it was on the Internet last year, but the C.D. came out this year
I purchased approx. 2-3 cd's and/or vinyl per month. I too have to say it was the "older" acts that impressed me the most this past year. In addition to those mentioned already, I was very happy with the reissues of Bob Marley and the Wailers, The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Bob Dylan's "Essential" compilation, which IMHO was remastered beautifully. I also enjoyed Bryan Ferry's new release "Frantic."
I've seen over 30 live shows this year and think it's the best year for art in music for the last 25+ years. To fully appreciate art you have to experience it first hand. There's plenty happening now. Go to live music .Buy Steve Earles latest and see Springsteen and then sit and listen and concider there merits.
Richingoth I have those two as well- both quite likely to make my top ten....................
I probably bought about 100 CD's this past year. I'd second Wilco's "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot," Steve Earle's "Jerusalem," and Leonard Cohen's "Ten New Songs."

To those, I'd add:
Peter Bruntnell "Ends of the Earth"
Jay Bennett & Edward Burch "Palace at 4am"
Richard Buckner "The Hill"
Alejandro Escovedo reissues "Gravity" and "Thirteen Years."

I've bought some old stuff, too. Some of the Stones' SACD reissues, Townes Van Zandt, various Sid Griffin bands, Jason and the Scorchers, etc., etc.
Not necessarily in strict order, some of my 2002 favorites are:

Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - basically one of the best from one of my favorite bands. 2CD set, with one CD individual songs, and the other a "theme" set. Always good sonics on these CDs too.

Los Lobos - Good Morning Aztlan - no need to devolve into a political discussion about the title. Long term band that has never been better, IMO. Varied, energetic.

Peter Gabriel - Up - probably rated somewhat higher because it was a 10 year hiatus, but good sonics and lots of good material.

Steve Earle - Jerusalem

Queens of the Stone Age - Song For The Deaf - not for everybody or every occassion, but really great when you're in the mood for hard rock.

Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - put me in the "love it" group.

Joe Satriani - Strange Beautiful Music.

Al DiMeola - Flesh on Flesh - just fantastic, even in the context of a guy who's put out many fantastic CDs.

Several good remasters / compilations put out this year too - Jesus and Mary Chain, The The, Traffic - Low Spark and High-Heeled Boys, 22 Stones remasters, all the old Peter Gabriel CDs remastered.

Lots of good stuff. Several mentioned in this thread that I still want to check out. My poor checkbook.
Ok here it goes, I am going in no particular order, except number one is number one, and the other 9 can go in any order. These are all CDs that I bought this year. I believe the shins was released 2k1, and doves and SFA were released 2k1 in the uk, 2002 in the states, but anyway...

1. Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. This is now one of my top five faves of all time. Far from being a weak song on the album, every song I crave to hear at one time or another, this album has been in my rotation since Larry bootlegged my copy for Xmas last year, and it still is.

2. Super Furry Animals - Rings Around the World. Perfect pop, plus it gets kind of out there at times, which is evrything I look for in a CD. I still havent listened to the bonus disc yet though, and I cant really tell you why. I guess whenever I am in hte mood for SFA, I want to hear this album.

3. The Shins - Oh Inverted World! I am often annoyed by singers with high ass voices, but for some reason, I have a crapload of em this year that I am really digging. This is just so mellow in some parts that it automaticall relaxes and moves me at the same time.

4. Doves - The Last Broadcast. This is what I call Manchester baby. Wonderful guitars, nice words, and great melodies, plus it was my favorite show of the year, beating out Wilco even.

5. The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. I am a sucker for a concept album, and this is no exception. Do You Realize wins best lyrical song of the year, and is up there for all time.

6. Jurassic 5 - Power in Numbers. This is what good rap should be like. Wonderful music, intelligent and thought provoking lyrics, but they aint afraid to get funky on ya.

7. Todd Snider - New Connection. Fabulous song writing from a man who has recently found comfort in his own songwriting and voice.

8. Sonic Youth - Murray Street. I have never liked anything by these guys. This is like Sonic Youth, only good.

9. Say Zuzu - Every Mile. This has maybe my favorite single song of the year on it. They are an alt country type band, but they do it much better than most.

10. SOUNDteam - Into the Lens. It is a crime that this band is not an a label, and their live show is almost up to par with their El 6 style home done recording. Everyone on this list should buy it if I haven't made them already.

Fortunately, there is no record of how many recordings I spend (my very) limited disposable income on. Here are some recent scores that I like:
Alamaailman Vasarat, Vasaraasia
Other Quartet, Sound Stains
Tony Oxley, Floating Phantoms
La Perra, Friccion Visual
Jonas Hellborg, Personae
Bobby Previte, Bump
Don Preston, Transformation
Tunnels, Progressivity
Massacre, Meltdown
Larry Koonse, Americana
Jon Balke, Kyanos
Erik Friedlander, Grains of Paradise
Mephista, Black Narcissus
Deus ex Machina, Cinque
Hamster Theatre, Carvival Detournement
Sotos, Platypus
Sylvain Luc, Trio Sud
Nels Cline Singers, Instrumentals
Melvins, Ambient Hostile Takeover
Hasse Bruniusson, Flying Food Circus
Zony Mash, Live in Seattle
Present, High Infidelity
Spaceways Incorporated, 13 Cosmic Standards
Univers Zero, Rhythmix
Simon Nabatov Trio, Sneak Preview
Stuart Leibig, Pomegranate
Attention Deficit, Idiot King
Boredoms, Vision/Creation/Newsun
Jim Black, Alasnoaxis
Bill Frisell, The Willies
Rich Halley Trio, Objects
The Mooney Suzuki...modern MC5 rip off...great stuff
Hey Phasecorrect,
Does Mooney Suzuki have a Can connection that you know of?
Malcom Mooney was the first Can vocalist and Damo Suzuki was their second. It seems unlikely that pure coincicence is at work here. On Can's Ege Bamyasi there is a lyric from "Pinch" that refers to the MC5. Never thought there could be much of a connection though since the two bands are musically quite a few light years apart
Wow...good question...I dont know if they have a connection...but chances of putting those names together out of the blue is pretty the LP your referring to the one with the soup can on the cover? I got a couple Can albums, but that one sticks out for some the way...ever here of the MONKS?
MONKS?...Doesn't ring a bell, but I'll be on the lookout for em' now. Yup, Ege Bamyasi (a true stoner) is the record w/ the can of okra on the cover, Suzuki is on that one. Mooney came back and did the vocals on their last (and sonically most pristine) record Rite Time.

Maybe a music festival would be a good place for a bunch of 'goners to give each other the business in person.
Yeah...a music fest would be a real hootenany...a couple of cold ones...a few cigars...and a whole lotta "bantering"...what are your favorite Can albums? I also like early PIL with jah wobble on bass...great stuff..
Duane...if you like fusion jazz with no vocals...check out the Philadelphia Experiment...they have a fretless bass player that eats Flea from the Redhots for joke...also..a very good,clean,audiophile recording...and one of my favorite "test discs"...along with Photek.....
Hey Phase, haven't heard Philadelphia Experiment yet, noticed that their 1st disc has Uri Caine, Christian McBride and Pat Martino on it. Sometimes I'm kind of leery of discs that use alot of samples, but can't deny that there are a lot of great ones out there. Which disc of theirs is your favorite?
On your Can question, I think pretty much all of them have their strengths. If some turd came into my house, put a gun to my head and said he would take all my Can except 1, I'd probably have Future Days after he left. Haven't heard Pil for at least 15 years (could be one for the "buried treasure" thread. Of the Wobble records I had I liked The Bedroom Album best. In a similar vein, the early Holger Czukay stuff is pretty good too.
For modern electronic music...hard to be Chemical Bros "dig your own hole",Massive Attack "blue lines",Portishead "dummy"....
I'd just about given up on rock, but Southern Culture on the Skids was a a pleasnet surpise and a lot of fun.