no FF & FR on Pioneer CTF 1000 cassette

I changed all 4 belts and idler wheel tire and the smaller motor works and changes direction of rotation . And you can see it just start to put tension on turning hub in center of tape reel { both directions , looking at tape } but stops and then clicks off function button I see this is a common problem on these decks on eBay . and people always say it's the belts , but thats not the cause to me , except for the counter wheel needs to keep turning , am I right ? Thank You Marv
The counter wheel does need to turn and if it does not it will kick out the sensor. I had the same situation on a 9191, but my counter turned freely. In my case it was the central hub between the F and R cogs. It is like a clutch that engages and disenages to allow F and R movement. There is a piece of felt in that clutch assembly that gets worn and/or sticky. It will then bind and fool the sensor into kicking off. I am not sure if the 1000 is similarly designed but it is worth a shot to check it out.