No enthusiasm over Rowland 112?

I posted at audioasylum. 1 reply only and no excitement.
I never heard Rowland but based on reputation they should be a better then average company, isn't?
Or it is just this latest design lost grip ?
this design has been around for a while. I think they keep it around as a lower-priced entry level amp. If you are interested in the 112, find a way to pony up a bit more and get a used model 10. It's similar style, but uses a SMPS, and is generally regarded as leagues better than the 112. 112 used a linear supply, and is not bad, but the 10 (and 12 monos) is a lot better. All are from the same era. the 112 is the only one still made currently. IMHO the 10 and 12 kick butt sonically on the current mini-monoblock (tripath) amps they make. (201, 501).