No Dustcover for Turntable, What do You do?

Lots of newer TTs including the popular VPI Scout have no dustcover. I would like to continue using my Target wallshelf. Short of putting your TT in an enclosed cabinet, what do you use/do?
There has been a gentleman advertising custom made
plexiglass covers for turntables and such on one of
the newsgroups. Sorry, but I can't be more specific.
However, I remember seeing some photos of his work
and it looked decent. lists a number of dustcovers for the VPI Aries series. There is a Scout Table Top ($200) version that fits over the whole thing and sits on the table -- presumably this may be inappropriate for your shelf location. There is a Scout Budget ($60) that looks like it cannot be used during play, as well as a couple of Aries versions which may be a tad large for a Scout.

I recently bought a VPI turntable, and I have an order in with a custom dustcover manufacturer named Vu. I believe he is an Audiogon member with member ID "vtvu." He has a good reputation. (I haven't seen his work, yet.)

My retailer suggested that I use a silk scarf to keep the dust off until my dustcover arrives. I actually don't have any extra silk scarves lying around, and my wife likes to keep hers in a drawer. Instead I am using a sheet of plastic that came as part of the packing material for my turntable. It was wrapped around the platter and is big enough to cover the whole table. With either the scarf or the plastic sheet, I feel compelled to put the stylus guard on my cartridge at the end of every session. I fear that the plastic may brush up against the stylus inadvertantly. I also fear that the stylus may experience an accidental impact if it is not physically protected. (I have two sons who sometimes launch projectiles around the house.) Naturally, I have to be very careful when dealing with the stylus guard to avoid lunching the stylus myself. Good luck.
no heavy dust cover, simply use a piece of silk to cover the TT. make certain it doesn't rest on the wires looping over to arm otherwise it will eventually bend the wires

Tell them the size you need, they will cut it and send it to you with acrylic glue and applicator. I got a 22" x 19" x 11" for my Michell Gyrodeck SE, total cost $80.

Jeez! Do not spend $200-$300 on TT covers! No matter how you look at it, they are.......plastics!
From time to time type over dust cover on the search box here and you'll get the gentleman from NJ that Jvogt mentions. Luckily if he's surfing forums he might throw you e-mail but he's usually packed with orders. BAT charges $500 for dustcover he only charges $150 so go figure... He does his job for covering tube amps and turntables. I bought from him dustcover for $140 and it looks stunning and covers the whole turntable not only arm and platter. You don't have to tell him size and the only thing he needs is a product that needs to be covered.
Check your yellow pages for a plexiglass or plastics. They'll build you one. I did this for my VPI TNT5 and it cost $70. Make sure you include 2-inch cut outs on the bottom for cables, etc.
The member in NJ people are referring to is Vtvu, and the dust covers he offers are very nice looking. You can contact him through the A-goN system here.
Rosstaman is on to something, but if you have any woodworking skills you can make the same thing for less. Plex is very easy to work with and can be bonded with meythl ethyl keytone (MEK) which I've seen at Home Depot. A sharp saw blade is a must but I'm guessing you could make this for about $25.00 for plex and MEK.
I ran into the same quandary with my Michell Gyro SE. Final solution, which has worked out just fine, is "canned air". Just shake the can prior to use and give the platter and arm a light blast prior to placing your vinyl.
Thanks to all, I knew you guys would help. This will help with my choice. Now to sell the old one...
Hi, Vtvu here. Thanks to all who have mentioned my work.
Yes I do custom covers for TTs, amps, CD players, or just about anything you want to protect from dust, kids, pets, or clumsy people. Here is a link to my ad:
I supply covers to several mail order places. Feel free to email me for more info.
Tap plastics as Amandarae says. They won`t quote over the phone you need to fax a detailed sketch with measurements. They do have different stores pending what state you live in the web site gives you info on Califoria store I called and they had a branch in Bellvue WA. in which did a great job. David
Never use a dustcover on a Rega. Took off the cover when I set it up. Just blow away the dust when I feel like it. No dust cloth near that cartridge under any circumstances.
Disconnect the din plug to the arm and remove for an easy dusting, and this would only have to be done maybe 3 times a year. I like my Scout too much the way it is than to put a plastic box over it. I have been that route with a TNT but that is a gloss black and shows everything. I don't think things will be that bad with the scout and I am going to try mine without for a while before spending $$$.