no Direct TV DVR without phone line?

I own a Hughes hd 10/250 Direct TV reciever with the DVR feature.

Recently I cancelled my (land) phone line to use my cell phone for all calls and have been getting error messages on my Direct TV service saying that I need the phone hookup to continue the DVR service.

Is there any way around this?

Will my DVR service stop working?

I called Direct TV and the girl in service had no idea what to tell me...

any info appreciated

I have been using one for about 2 years without a phone line connected to it. No problems.
You don't need a phone line for DVR. Something else is wrong with your DVR. Try unplugging it and letting it set for about 10 min and see what happens. I have never had a phone line hooked to my DVR. The only reason you would need a line to your DVR is to order PPV.

I did not make clear the only problem I am sure I am having is I can not access the area that lets you see what programs you have set up to record in upcoming days

I can still record programs just not see what I have set up quite as well and will have to find out if the season passes still work...

this I can deal with

I feel better now...
I have the high definition DVR from Direct and have not had a phone line connected to it since I have had it, or rather the 3 I have had in the last 10 months . They were not very reliable to begin with but this one has lasted 7 months or so. Hit menu and select TO DO LIST to see what you have selected to record. If you can't do this then something else is wrong. Report it without mentioning that you have no phone line , it is irrelevant.
thanks Stanwal I think I was ticked off at their ignorant and offensive 'support' (I use that term loosley) and missed the TO DO LIST when I looked.

Bottom line is I got a rookie support person where another probably would have told me what I wanted. It was just the phrase 'just deal with it' that she used that sent me overboard...

It is good to know a telephone line is not required
Stanwal, I have a question about your post - I was told by the DirecTV people when I first set up the DVR five years ago now that it had to be connected to a phone line, because this is how they update the programming info in the guide, which happens during the middle of the night via the phone line. How does the guide update itself if you are not connected to a phone line? Does it pull it directly from the satellite? I remember being told that the phone line connection was not just for pay-per-view, was this inaccurate? Do all the guide searching and season pass type features still work without the phone line connection?
I upgraded my service to HD with the DVR option about 3 months ago. When it was installed, the technician did not hook up the phone line to the unit and it appears to be fully functional without it except for caller ID. I have not attempted PPV purchases. Updates occur via the satellite feed. In my case, I tried hooking up the phone line and it messes up the reception, since I have a DSL filter on the phone lines.
Phil, you may want to check your bill also. I know that Dish Network would charge me like 5 bucks a month or so if I did not have a phone line connected. I believe they use it for updates like someone else mentioned. It might be different for Direct TV.
thanks Seth I will look at it. Something I have to remind myself to do because I have auto CC bill pay...
Tivo is programmed in two week blocks and needs a phone line. An episode of "The Simpsons" was replaced by "King of the Hill" because the clock was correct while my land-line was down.
I remember when I was using Tivo that I had to connect to a phone line for the menu to update. With Directs own DVR I have never connected it, the installer said that it wasn't necessary. I have the baseball and pro basketball packages. I have seen them alter my programing [ when I wasn't getting something I paid for] without being connected. As for billing, it is so complicated I have given up trying to understand it. I am afraid I have been rude to some of the people there on occasion myself when they tell you to do something you have already done 3 times. If you have trouble unplug the set for a minute, it usually fixes whatever was wrong. They are prone to inexplicable gremlins. For example both receivers will show that they are receiving full signal but one can't find it.
Ah, that explains it, I still have a Tivo on one of my sets, so I do need to be connected to the phone line then. Thanks for the info!
In my earlier post, I meant to say that the clock was incorrect because it hadn't been updated. So, for need a phone connection.