No chance for good power cord for dCS P8i???

No Wattgate, no Furutech etc. have a place on power terminal to connect a power cord with dCS P8i CD Player. Do you have an idea for a good PC for this player?
The DCS website states only that the IEC connector can't be more than 22mm in diameter. This should allow any number of cables to be connected, as long as they don't use the large round IEC connector.
Tplavas, wich one works well with P8i?
One cord that's optimized for digital and sports a connector small enough to use here is the van den Hul Mainsserver, which is also a thin cord overall. I personally didn't prefer its sound overall with my digital gear to vdH's bigger and more costly Mainsstream, but like most other cords, that one uses the large IEC plug and so won't work for you. But if you like an energetic, up-front type of presentation, the Mainsserver should stand a very good chance of sounding better than your stock cord, and I felt it did have really great HF dynamics, colorful timbres, and a notably wide soundstage, if not the last word in transient articulation, soundstage/image specificity, bass control, ultimate textural purity, or neutral/natural balance.
Now you can - DCS has an upgrade to use more important power cords
Can you please tell me more about this upgrade?