No CD with works by Alexander N. Skrjabin

as you may know, he is a Russian composer who lived between 1872 and 1915. I recenlty listened to a live performance of his "Etude" Opus 8 nr. 11 and 12 and was overwhelmed. I guess there is a recording by Morowitz, but I cannot find any CD ...does someone know where to get CDs with Skrjabin's work or is he just too unknown ?
Cheers and thank you, Mike
Vladimir Ashkenazy has recorded a goodly number of Scriabin's works. They were originally issued on London CDs.
Try spelling it Scriabin.

Arkivmusic lists 366 recordings by Alexander Scribin.
So long as you are researching under that spelling you are not too likely to find much. Try 'Alexander Scriabin' and you will find much to choose from.

I have in my collection the complete Etudes by Piers Lane on Hyperion, his 24 Preludes by Pizarro on Collins, his Complete Mazurkas by Pizarro on Collins, and his complete Sonatas by Boris Berman on Music & Arts. I'm sure there are many others and you might prefer them. I haven't heard them all yet, but the performances I listed are all very assessible and well recorded.
For me, the two Scriabin pieces Vladimir Horowitz plays on Horowitz In Moscow are the most powerful on the whole CD.
I have the Ashkenazy disc of Scriabin's Poem of Ecstasy, Piano Concerto and Prometheus, old recordings but pretty good. I am told that Scriabin wrote a symphonic piece for orchestra and light organ!! Amazing for a man who lived in his time.
last name is spelled as Scriabin, not Scrjabin. There are plenty CDs on amazon.
I like Scriabin quite a bit, and strongly recommend the following piano CD by pianist Pascal Amoyel: Intergrales des Poems, on Calliope, CAL9353. Calliope is a French label (not surprisingly). Scriabin wrote a number of pieces he called Poems, which are sort of like Chopin's Nocturnes, only with more advanced harmonies, etc., and the tend to be somewhat meditative (though there is plenty of serious piano-playing involved).

If you like this music, you ought to try Poem of Ecstacy for Orchestra as well. Great stuff.

(I don't think your method of spelling "Skrjabin" is "wrong," but that is not how it is commonly spelled in the West.)
Hi all, thank was all down to the spelling. As Eweedhome noted, my spelling was not wrong, just not used on this side of the world. Regards from Switzerland