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I have a Denon AVR X3100 and have set it up using their setup preceedures (very easy).....I have the speakers in a 5.1 surround sound configuration. Anyway, often the dialogue is so fuzzy: blurry, its very difficult to even understand it’s English. (I should have revealed that the speakers are floor standing NHT speakers on the left and right,with an NHT center and in ceiling speakers (don’t know the brand) for the 2 rears) and Outlaw Audio sub. There is a graphic equalizer, (not much help) and there is a dialogue boost/cut (likewise not much help). I'm using midlevel Wireworld HDMI cables..... Any suggestions?
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If your receiver permits manual entry of speaker distance and sound level, you might try the time honored tape measure and Radio Shack SPL meter, using pink noise from a disc if your AVR doesn't provide it.  You'll be in good company; some high-end processors do not provide automatic setup, relying instead on tape and SPL meter.
Disconnect your L and R speakers and listen. How does it sound to you?

You may actually have a bad amp or a bad speaker.


you may want to validate your center channel tweeter is working.  that will muddy things up quite nicely.  try running room correction and if there is a chirp function it will be obvious if there is a problem.
As others have said, double check your settings; while most auto setup/room correction programs are fairly accurate these days, they aren't always perfect and it is always advisable to double check things like speaker distances, levels and delays to ensure that no gross errors occurred when the program ran. Also confirm basic settings like speaker assignment, crossover for the sub, etc.

Is the graphic equalizer you are referring to a standalone component or a setting in the menu system of the AVR? If it's a separate component, that may well be causing your problems since the room correction software in the AVR likely includes EQ adjustments, and if that is indeed the case, they may simply be clashing with one another. Lastly, check your connections to make sure that nothing has come loose, and confirm cable directionality and polarity are both correct. If none of that helps, you may have a bad amp.

EDIT: If none of the above resolves your issue, I just found a link to Audyssey’s forum where other people seem to having the same issue, and it may possibly come down to that particular room correction software not setting the center channel level high enough relative to the other speakers. Hope this helps...