No Budget Amp?

I am an audiophile, but I have almost no money to throw around. What is a good peice of used gear that can hold me over untill I get enough money for somthing nice. I am running it with analysis plus cables, a Njoe Tjoeb 4000 cdp and a foreplay pre. I am not sure on speakers, but going without music is unacceptable, so I have to get somthing now.

Eric Baer
With out knowing you budget or speakers its hard to make a meaning ful recommendation. But, what the hell - the best "budget" amp I've see about that will drive most reasonable speakers and sound quite good (I use it in a secord system) is a Muse 100 - Its 100 watts per channel SS and got a good write up in Stereophile some year ago - I've seen them sell on Audiogon for $350 to 400. Cheaper than that I can't help you with.
I've always liked the adcom amplifiers. If those are still too expensive, try the Sony TAN-220es. I purchased one for $120 for my office setup, and I like it a lot. Furthermore, this equipment sounds good with ads speakers.
The best budget solid state amp is without question the B&k ST140 Outperforms numerous more expensive amps and can be had for around $200-250 As good as the B&K is it cannot compare to a recapped Dyna ST70 if you can live with 35 wpc and tubes. Around $350-450.
I'm a little confused why you put a post up about a budget amp, when on the same day you posted a question about which integrated is the best of your list. And a couple days before you posted another "best integrated" thread. Are you building two systems?
Money or no, a McCormack DNA 0.5 in it's stock form or in a Revision A rebuilt form could more than suffice.

In it's stock form, it is somewhat of a legendary piece in that a number of reviewers (Stereophile and others) placed the DNA 0.5 a competitive second to the $30k Krell Reference Standard about 5 years ago.

You can find them on Agon used for about $600 stock to $1500 for a Rev. A.

I'd strongly suggest you decided on your speakers first.
If you would like to try tubes, the jolida 102b is even a bargain new at $750.00. Used, you can find one for around 500ish. If you just want an amp, how about the Antique Sound Lab WAVE monos? Aren't they just $300 a pair? I know it's all relative, but, for me, the best "budget" amp I've heard is a Rogue 88. They go for about 750 here on the 'gon for the non-magnum version.

BUT, Unsound is right: if you have 86db speakers, tube gear'll be a little outta your range.