No bass with new turntable?

 Hello, I've just set up a Pro-ject Carbon DC Esprit, dialed in the arm etc., and while the upper spectrum of the sound is great, there is just no bass, let's say below the 80-100hz range. It's been probably 30 years since I've fooled around with turntables so I can't remember if that's just the way it's supposed to be. Luckily I have a Velodyne SMS-1 bass management system to turn up what I'm missing, but without that I'd be completely disappointed. Using a CDP my speakers are very full of bass. I've played with the tone arm adjustments with no difference in bass really, all supplied cables hooked up and checked, the cart is an Ortofon Red, the phono preamp is integrated in the Rogue Audio Sphinx amp.
 Any suggestions/opinions?
 Hi mapman, I had thought about trying out each adjustment/tweak to find the problem, but had it in my mind I wanted to do it all over again anyhow. Probably should've tried it out after the cart cable find though. I was surprised when I realized I hadn't seen that before. I wish this table had VTA adjustments, doesn't seem like the arm sits perfectly parallel to the platter. It's almost like the factory sets it for the presumably thinner metal platter, but the thicker acrylic platter looks higher/taller. Nothing too big though, just a mm or two.
 In the end I'm not sure why I wanted a new TT without a collection of vinyl as you have, could have upgraded my current CDP and bought a ton of CDs instead. I'm still not 100% sure it was the most sensible decision! Curiosity, searching for more enjoyment, and just an excuse to spend more money on the hobby I suppose. It sure makes the decision difficult when buying used music, $4 for a CD, $24 for a crackly, popping unknown quality of an LP!
 Johnnyb53, did you find all those tweaks made a difference? Do you have the original/stock tonearm and RCA cables?
wetfeet.....I have LP"S that about as quiet as a CD...though have better sound.  I find that older LP's sound better than new ones.  Go figure
And your point is?
Even a Pro-ject Carbon Espirit fitted with an Ortofon 2M Red is capable of delivering very good bass. Yes, the OP has a problem but its not the price tag! And we are all trying to help him solve it. If you have any technical advice to lend him, I am sure it would be appreciated.

My point is clear paraneer, the reference to price was about the quality of this table, which is his problem. The technical advice was not to waste time with it, specially if one is after bass quality. 

Me too Stringreen. I have lots of LP's that are as quiet as CD's, or nearly so.

Wetfeet, I think that you made the right decision, whether you have lots of vinyl or no. The thing is to have clean vinyl. This quiets the noise and saves your cartridge. If you think about doubling or tripling the lifespan of a good cartridge, you can afford quite the record cleaner!

I use ultrasound. DIY audio has a good thread on this.

Also, may I suggest that you try to find your 10 favourite records as factory sealed copies. Many records have not been permanently damaged by previous play, but many others are irretrievable, and visual inspection is not always sufficient to differentiate them.

Really, it is all worth it. Enjoy, enjoy.

Very interesting stringreen and terry9, do you find certain press co or time frames or genres to be better than others? It's certainly reassuring knowing there's good, old, quiet vinyl out there. I really got into this as I'm interested in finding old blues and classic rock, maybe some R&B and disco even. Seems like those were just meant to be listened to on a TT. I'm really liking the new vinyl I've just opened though. The Gregory Porter I opened yesterday felt much thicker and heavier than others too. I like terry9's suggestion, I'm going to fork up the cash and buy 10 brand new great albums.

As terry9 suggests, I think I need to spend some time cleaning the albums I've aquired. I did purchase the Record Cleaner MKII, and of course a felt pad and needle brush, but I wonder if I should take that a step further.
Dkarmeli, I suppose price is relevant. The Esprit DC is no VPI Scout by any means, but it's not a Crosley either. It fits in with my system and budget, and I can at least upgrade the cart down the line. I'm not sure what type of bass a much higher priced unit would give. I'm not a bass head or looking for exaggerated bass, I just want to hear what's supposed to be there, naturally. I've went to considerable length and cost to have natural bass in my system.

Inna, what type of cable do you recommend?