No bass with new turntable?

 Hello, I've just set up a Pro-ject Carbon DC Esprit, dialed in the arm etc., and while the upper spectrum of the sound is great, there is just no bass, let's say below the 80-100hz range. It's been probably 30 years since I've fooled around with turntables so I can't remember if that's just the way it's supposed to be. Luckily I have a Velodyne SMS-1 bass management system to turn up what I'm missing, but without that I'd be completely disappointed. Using a CDP my speakers are very full of bass. I've played with the tone arm adjustments with no difference in bass really, all supplied cables hooked up and checked, the cart is an Ortofon Red, the phono preamp is integrated in the Rogue Audio Sphinx amp.
 Any suggestions/opinions?
This HUGE lack of bass definitely sounds like the cartridge is connected incorrectly with one channel out of phase, or it's just defective. If all the color codes on the cartridge match the headshell wires, it could be where the headshell wires attach to the tonearm or the where the tonearm wire connects to the RCA connector block.

Don't know why the elephant in the room hasn't been addressed by anyone and I don't want to be snarky but what did you expect from that tt, you know what it cost?
Bummer. IMO this isn't an alignment or adjustment issue, it's a something is definitely broken issue Assuming you've checked all the things that were posted. Since you bought it new I would take the table back to the dealer and have him hook it up in his store. If it wasn't a dealer hook it up to a friends system and this will tell you if its the turntable or the phono stage in the amp that is the problem. I can assure you that your table and cartridge are plenty good enough and will sound great once the problem is discovered. You are at the sane end of the point of diminishing returns in this hobby and I heard your setup at a local dealer and thought the combo was scary good for the money.   I wouldn't play too many records until you know for sure the stylus and cantilever are OK. Better safe than sorry! 
Why do people have to bring up cost? I have heard systems costing 6 digits that sound like crap, not necessarily the problem with each individual piece but system compatible between all the pieces or the room. I have heard and have owned good sounding tt's that didn't cost 5 digits.
What I would do is borrow a tt setup from a friend or a dealer that has a similar specs of yours to see if the sound is still lean in the lower end. Also, what kind of cables are you using? Swap the RCA cables from your tt with the ones that you use for your CD player that has sufficient bass. It might not be your tt setup.