No Bass with 5-Channel Analog Inputs

I am using the 5.1 analog outputs out my Oppo UDP-205 to connect to a very-old Yamaha RX-V995 that was produced way before HDMI. I'm doing this to take advantage of the superior DAC in the OPPO. I can't seem to get any bass out of the system this way. Using the exterior DAC nullifies all adjustment on the Yamaha. I have all speakers set to "small" in the Oppo's speaker set-up, and I have tried adjusting the cross-over as well. I get plenty of bass when I bypass the OPPO when watching TV. My OPPO BDP-95 did the same thing when I connected it this way. I used to be able to rattle windows when connecting disc spinners through the 2-channel inputs. Does anyone have any ideas on other settings I can adjust on the Oppo to get more bass?


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Yes the FR/FL do respond to large/small speaker selection in the Oppo.

I think I follow what you are suggesting here.  The Receiver may not be receiving/ processing the (.1) subwoofer signal?  I know it is not the Oppo since it has done the same thing with two different Oppo's.

I will pull interconnects the first chance I get.  Thanks!
Yes, I have the Subwoofer connected to the Yamaha with bass setting set to "Both" so that my Mains and Sub share Bass frequencies.

I see that some Receivers have feature to allow for +dbs boost for Subwoofer when using analog inputs.  Unfortunately, mine does not.