no bass after 6 month non-use

Hi guys,

I just took my wonderful Silverline SR15's down after six months of not being played. They sound awesome as usual except for the fact that the bass response seems to have dissappeared. Any ideas why this could be, or what I can do?

Are they wired in phase ? (dumb question ... but always check the obvious first)

Do they have foam surrounds that might have rotted ?

did you position them in the room exactly as they were before (you might have a listening room that creates a bass null at the listening position.
Same room? Same stands? Same orientation? Same furniture? Same treatments? Same cables? We moved a daybed out of the room once, and wondered where the bass went. Did you change anything, Oliver?
I'm not gonna lie guys, I did make some positioning changes. The difference is so drastic that I figured it couldn't be a just a positioning issue, but as with most things, it appears that I might be wrong! I'll get back to you when I've messed around with the positioning a bit. Thanks for the responses!
I've found that after moving spk. cables around they need a certain period of time for the bass/fullness to return. Strange. Also, any other wire/circuit might require a certain play time.
Sometimes too, if speakers haven't been used in a while, they may need to break in again. Not as much as if they were brand new, but may still require a little time.
I agree with Kotta. Any time I switch cables it takes several days for bass to return fully.