No Audiophiles in Hollywood

A thought just came to me that a lot of movies show us the lives of fictional people doing the everyday things that real people do. However, we never see anyone sitting down and listening to a high end system.

The only thing that I can remember is when the billionaire played by Robert Redford put on an LP on what appeared to be a high end turntable in the movie "Indecent Proposal".

I have never seen exposed tubes on-screen, or an amp of any type for that matter. Big speakers, seems hifi does not fit the decor scheme of movie sets, or more realistically, audiophiles are rarer on earth than Klingons and Romulans and hollywood does not know of their existence.

It would seem that some of the well heeled actors, directors and producers would own a killer 2 channel system and periodically include one in a scene when the character has discretionary income.

We've all seen scenes with the wife complaining about the husband always watching sports, but never complaining about him pampering his hi-fi rig.

We've all seen characters with automobiles and other toys that we've envied, but never a stereo system to make you salivate.

Anyone ever see a hi-fi system onscreen worth mentioning?

Just a thought.
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This is reaching, but in "Traffic", the assassin tells the corrupt general about his love of music. "I have B&W speakers" he says. :)
It's been many years since I've seen the movie Philadelphia, but if I remember correctly there is a seen with Tom Hanks in his apartment talking to Denzel Washington with an opera playing on Tom's system. I believe it was Sonic Frontier electronics feeding Audiostat speakers.
There was a sex in the city epsiode where one of the chics boyfriends was an audiophile and was playing jazz through a tube system. He was really into it and it was the focus of a 2-3 minute long scene from what I remember.

The best part is that the guy turned out to be a dud and only made an appearance for that episode.

On point! lol...

In the movie "The Departed", Matt Damon had a nice McIntosh stack of equipment.
While testing my new dvd player tonight...I put on "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider". Just before the bad guys break into her mansion/palace/chateau, you get a very quick glimpse of a megabuck Clearaudio turntable.