No audio playing SACD"s

Hello Audiogoner's using a single digital cable no problem whatsoever playing conventional CD'S, however when I play a SACD, there is no audio? is the menu on my Puccini, set up wrong? OR separate cables needed to play SACD'S??, does that make sense? any ideas would be helpful.....
If your cable is going to a non-SACD DAC, there could be a problem...
When playing SACD's, some spinners disable the digital output. Hook up a pair of analog cables and see if you get sound there when you play an SACD.
When playing sacd youll need to use the rca analog audio outs on your cd/sacd player. You can have both a digital cable and the rca cables connected at the same time, but sacd specifically cannot be output digitally. I am no expert on content law but i believe it has to do with Sony trying to protect their sacd content from being pirated, so they dont allow it to be output digitally, Connect a set of L+R rca cables and youll be hearing music in no time.

SACD will require additional RCA cables. 1 pair if your are running 2-channel only. If your are running surround sound- 5.1 or 7.1 ...etc., then more sets of RCA cables will be needed. Happy Listening!
if you are using a dcs transport designed for SACD and the Puccini can decode SACD then there is most likely a problem in the chain

if you are using an SACD player and the digital output from it to the Puccini then the other messages are correct
SACD can go over HDMI cable (to an SACD enabled AV receiver for example). Not sure about RCA, XLR, USB or optical...