NM cable for speakers

This is probably an off the wall question but here it goes. I am in need of new speaker cables and I am seeing adds for solid copper wire with fairly thin insulation. Some speaker cable companies are claiming this type of cable has less distortion. Has anyone ever tried romex NM cable for your speakers? You know, the wire thats probably in your house connecting your outlets to your circuit panel. Any reason this wouldn't work or wouldn't work well? I know it will be an eye sore for most because it will be visible, but in my situation the wire would be totally concealed.
What is the AWG of the copper wire?
Its 12, I think. One online reviewer , can't remember who, uses Romex for his speakers and claims it is great. I use short lengths for jumpers. Its cheap , try it.
It is available in 8, 10, 12 and 14 gauge as a two wire. There might be other sizes as well. I was thinking either 10 or 12 gauge.
Markpao, just wondering if you ever tried the romex and what your results were- i've been using 6ft 14ga romex for my speakers with good results- much cleaner sound to my ears than stranded cables.
I have to agree, Clarinetmonster. I've used 14ga romex with great results. Much more focused, balanced, deep and full bodied sound then I've ever gotten from budget stranded cables. Great bass, too. I'm currently using cheapie 12ga solid insulated wire, loose with no outer jacket ( non parallel runs like Anti cables), and like it. I've tried the same wire in a twisted configuration, and it seemed to emphasize the treble and kill off the bass. Try using non paralleled runs, sometime. You might like it.

Even with IC's , I seems I always end up preferring solid types.