NjoeTjoeb 4000 VS Planet2000 "Ding Ding"

And in this corner! Weighing in at �� Well you get the point! I�m fed up and I no longer feel like waiting out the format battle and like most people can�t get my hands on a Sony 777. In the price range of 1000$ or less It seems that the Rega Planet 2000 and the Njoe Tjoeb 4000 (which I have never listened to or know how pronounce for that matter) are forerunners. I have no Idea where to listen to the Njoe..and also am a bit weary for some reason of the hype I have read. Has anyone ever A/B these two units? When auditioning the Planet 2000 I was impressed. Any opinions�experiences? Of course this discussion does not have to be limited to these two units.
I think Njoe Tjoeb is pronounced "new tube". Someone please correct me and slap me silly if i'm mistaken : ) Sean
"New Tube" it is. Go to http://www.upscaleaudio.com/ for more information on this player. If I'm not mistaken Upscale Audio is the importer of Njoe Tjoeb. Sorry I can't comment on the sound as I have zero experience with either player.
I have no experience with the Rega but do with the Tjoeb. It is an exceptional value. It is the first sub $1500 player I have had in some time and it really does everything well. I have been very happy with it in a second system that is unforgiving of upstream components.
Go to www.audioreview.com and read reviews. We carry both, and if you are in Los Angeles area you are welcome to spend all day comparing them.

The reviews of both units are excellent. Talking to end users in different systems may be helpful.