NJ Audio Weekend - who would come?

I was thinking of starting an semi-annual audio weekend in New Jersey where audiophiles (not dealers or industry insiders) could come and listen to music. The event would be held in several large rooms at a hotel or other facility. Four systems (or something like this) would be set up from group members. Members would list their systems an members would vote on what systems would be represented. So your system, should you want to participate, would be set up an listened to. Not sure what this would cost but if there is enough interest I would check into this. We would use Audiogon to establish the club and provide information.

I want to make this about meeting each other, hearing systems, helping each other, and most importantly listening to music from club members. Most of the gatherings I attend become more of swapping gear in and out for members to show what their gear can do and while I get to hear what a component can do for a system, it does get a little crazy at times and less about enjoying music and listening.

I maybe out of my mind for thinking this or suggesting this but, your thoughts and interest would be appreciated.

Happy Listening and hold off on the punches please.

Great idea, but I'm sure those Manufactures and there Shills will show up anyway. Why a hotel? do it the old fashioned way at someones home and keep the Manufactures out.
As a non profitable idea, I admire your daring. I suggest you talk to some of the organizers, dealers and equipment suppliers who do shows. I think you will find that one of your 'tickets' to participate would need to be about $500. Also, I think few would want to pull components from their systems and risk all the hassle of transport to and from your site. As for 'extended listening', great idea but impractical.
Great idea! We need more people like yourself perpetuating our wonderful hobby.
Bigkidz- It's an idea with excellent intentions, and i applaud you for sharing it. Unfortunately, to do this in a public place such as a Hotel conference room, may be unrealistic. The cost associated with renting the space + the travel, packing,unpacking, may prove too much for many. I sure hope that I am wrong. Cheers -Don
Don, maybe. I think I could find something if I really wanted to. I know of a few that would even consider hosting an event at their homes. Where are you located?

Bigkidz, while a good idea it is really not that practical for several reasons.

The cost not just for the rooms but the need to move the furniture out of the rooms, so more rooms needed, rental of several u-halls, finding not only a hotel that would want to host a tiny event room wise but then maybe have 100 or so people show up and wait in the halls in order to get in a room, who would police it, and who would want to tear down their home system to be the one to donate their equipment.

What you describe about swapping equipment in and out is more typically an Audio RAVE. I have been to a few and also can found them a little difficult a times. Other times they can be enjoyable.

What you really should check out is a couple of the Audio Clubs in the area. I belong to the New Jersey Audiophile Society and can highly recommend it. I also be long to The Audiophile Society which is NYC based but if you do not mind going into the city it might also be to your

The clubs usually meet once a month sometimes at a members house (most of the year), sometimes at a dealer (about once a year), sometimes at a manufacture (about two to three times a year), and sometimes at a unique hosting. The unique ones are about once to twice a year. As an example last year we had a live demo by the curators of the Edison Museum were they recorded live musicians on three different mediums. An Edison Phonograph, a Reel to Reel Tape and a Digital Recorder and the played each back to hear the difference.
And next year we will have some other special events.

We welcome perspective members to come to a meeting or two to see if they find it to there liking before joining.

Here is the links http://www.njaudiosociety.com/


Good luck.
I am familiar with the New Jersey/New York audio clubs. There are other options besides renting a hotel but my main point was who would be interested in doing something like this. If there was enough interest, I would do the leg work to see what I could find that would be suitable. Not everyone would want to move their system but I know some that would and I can arrange to help with the transportation.

Happy Listening.